The Stock Car crown was won by a first-timer as Randy Brands grabbed the lead near the halfway mark. Brands, who came into a Wednesday main through a last-chance race, became the 11th different champion in the division.

David Murray (Modifieds) and Ryan Rose (Stock Cars) were winners of the Race of Champion events in their respective divisions.

The stage was set for the final race of the week, with Modifieds hitting the track in three-wide fashion. Exciting racing throughout the contest found Al Hejna leading the field until the final turn of the final lap. A broken axle stopped Hejna's hopes and opened the door for a familiar face to take center stage.

For the second time, John Logue picked up a win by virtue of a last lap pass. It gave Logue his fifth Super Nationals title, tying Steve Jackson (Stock Cars) for the honor. Logue's last lap pass previously occurred in 1995 en route to his first title.

Entries in the '03 Super Nationals by class

Modifieds: 355
Stock Cars: 159
Hobby Stocks: 145
Late Models: 42
Sprint Cars: 17
Total car count: 718

The Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks set new all-time records for car count. The Stock Cars total was 5 higher than the previous record of 154, set at the 2002 IMCA Super Nationals. The Hobby Stock record of 123 cars fell in a big way with 22 more racers on hand this year. The record for this division was also set in 2002.

1.John Logue
2.Tony Hofbauer
3.Al Hejna
4.Terry Belcher
5.Kelly Shyrock
6.Scott Olson
7.Rik Gropp
8.Brad Rohloff
9.Troy Cordes
10.Joe McBirnie
11.Jeff Schroyer
12.Greg Cox
13Mike Hejna
14Yancy Shepard
15.Denny Stoneburner
16.Adam Larson
17.Mike Molle
18.Kellen Chadwick
19.Ricky Stephan
20.Brian Calhoon
21.Jared Siefert
22.Kendall Sather
23Bill Davis Jr.
24.Ryan Ruter
25.Randy Havlik
26.William Gould
27Brian Mullen
28.Johnny Saathoff
29.Rich Lewerke
30.Kevin Stoa
31.Jeff Feaster
32.Rex Merritt
33.Wade Cross