Central Arizona Raceway

This track will be known as the Central Arizona Speedway in 2014, due in part to the overall results of a management change the week we arrived for our final racetrack visit of the entire U.S. Tour. Little did we know, the brothers Chad and Alex Ayers would be unexpectedly hosting us and for the first time, managing the program at CAR.

The track is a 3/8-mile dirt track located at the Pinal County fairgrounds outside of Casa Grande and is built with no walls or guardrails in the turns. It is fairly high banked and retains moisture well.

There was a bit of chaos going on. The brothers had to find personnel to run the concessions, gates, and more. The previous promoter, Benji Lyons, was not around for reasons we could not determine, and the Ayers brothers were now in charge. It was interesting to watch the drama unfold.

Throughout the afternoon and night, everything seemed to run well. There were enough workers to get the jobs done and the racers and fans came out in good numbers. On this night there were non-Winged Sprint Cars, Mini-Sprints, Modifieds, and Late Models running.

Since that time, the promoter status has been finalized for Central Arizona and Jonah Trussel, the founder and promoter of Arizona Speedway that is located just 30 miles north of CAS, has taken over the duties for this track. For 2014, both tracks will have sanctioning by IMCA.

Jonah will be combining points between the two tracks for certain classes to establish one champion for each division running both tracks. That way, a team can run one or both and still gain points toward the season championship. He made a lot of changes and improvements to Arizona Speedway early in 2013 and we expect him to do what is takes to make CAS equally successful.

When so many tracks are in decline, it is refreshing to see a promoter make a success of not one, but two racetracks. Jonah first started at Arizona Speedway with motocross racing, his passion since he was a kid, and then installed a mud boggin' course that drew over three thousand spectators the very first day it was open.

That success led him to build the dirt track there outside of Phoenix and it was equally as successful. And the two crowds were not the same people. So, diversification seems to work in some areas and other promoters should take that into account when wondering how to maximize the usefulness of the property around the racetracks.

The Long Haul Home

We left home this year on June 11, and the morning after the races at Central Arizona the date was October 13. It has been four months and about 10,000 miles distance and we are ready to go home.

The trip back will take a full week and cover more than 2,000 miles. Along the way we will get real familiar with I-10 getting on it in just 15 miles from the racetrack and getting off when we hit I-75 in Florida.

The entire western U.S. Tour was fantastic. We will dedicate an entire wrap-up article in the next issue of CT highlighting the whole four-year Tour. We'll tell you what we saw that was done right, and what we think could be improved as to how promoters promote, how racers race, and a little about what could make our sport grow in the coming years.

For now, we'll take next summer off for a change having worked nearly every weekend of the summer months the past four years. We, as a magazine, will regroup and focus on what we do best, and that is provide cutting edge technical information, enlightenment on racing issues that affect us all and working to enhance and expand the interest in circle track racing worldwide.

It's been a blast and an adventure unparalleled in scope and influence. I'm so proud of my team and the support they have given me throughout this endeavor. And thanks goes out to the many racers, track owners and promoters, fans and companies who supported us along the way. It's a great crowd to represent.

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