Simpson Racing Products
Hybrid Sport

The Hybrid Sport from Simpson Performance Products is the latest in SFI 38.1–approved head-and-neck restraint technology.

The evolution of the Hybrid Pro Rage technology and design has led the way for the development of Simpson's new high performance Hybrid Sport, which promises the racer a better product, at the same price range as the Pro Rage. The Hybrid Sport is lighter, weighing in at 20-percent less for the large, including hardware; and the DuPont carbon/polymer construction is sleek, modern, and appealing with defined wings for seatbelt containment. The sliding tethers and patent pending multi-tether system enhances side-to-side range of movement and field of vision. The Hybrid Sport over performed in the strenuous SFI testing lab to gain SFI 38.1 certification. It's retail price begins at $595 and is available in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large. The Hybrid Sport will be available in late December 2013 and will be followed by the Hybrid Sport Youth model, available in February 2014. The Hybrid Sport Youth is scaled down for the growing racer and will retail at $399. For more information, visit or call 800/654-7223.

Carbon-Fiber Driveshafts

Recently, QA1 announced that it would start production of its own carbon-fiber driveshafts. While it is significant that a suspension company would go into the driveshaft business, it is even more impressive when you find out that every process of making the shafts is done in-house. QA1 not only makes them, they pick the fibers, the resins, and even offer different outer coatings and layers for different applications. The tubes are spun, bonded, and balanced at QA1's facility in Minnesota, and available for Dirt Late Models, as well as many other forms of motorsports. Visit for more details.

ARP Fasteners

ARP has long been the go-to place for hardware specifically engineered to exceed the needs of racers all across the country. Outside of regularly adding new part numbers to the catalogue, ARP displayed a wall of connecting rods, which feature its bolts standard or as an upgrade. In addition, there were also two Sprint Cup engines on display. ARP makes every bolt on each of these engines, and chances are, they make every bolt for the engine in your race car. To find the hardware you need, visit or call 800/826-3045.

K1 Technologies
Budget Rotating Assemblies

K1 Technologies' mission is to bring to the racing market high quality parts at an affordable price and to provide the customer with world-class customer service. Recently, the company has taken that one step further, offering balanced rotating assemblies shipped right to your door. When you order the parts you want, K1 pulls the parts, assembles the rotating assembly, and balances it prior to shipping. When it arrives, you have a crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons ready to be installed in your block. And the best part, in most cases you'll spend less than $2,500! For more information, visit, or call 440/497-3100.

RAM Automotive
Street Stock Clutch

RAM Clutches for "stock clutch rule" classes give you unmatched performance and durability. RAM's 10.5 inch diameter assembly utilizes a billet aluminum pressure ring with a riveted steel heat shield that provides a durable mating surface for the clutch disc. A 3,000-pound pressure spring provides increased static pressure over stock clutches. Used in conjunction with a RAM six paddle solid hub disc, this combination weighs in at just over 15 pounds. If your rules require a full facing or sprung hub disc, the RAM 300 Series organic racing disc provides the best holding power of any organic disc available and adds only about 2 pounds to the total weight of the set. RAM offers a lightweight 17-pound billet steel flywheel for Chevrolet engines that match the above components. If you are required to use all steel components, RAM offers a similar 10.5-inch pressure plate with a nodular iron pressure ring. This unit uses the same heavier pressure spring for increased holding power. All RAM street stock clutches are completely rebuildable by the factory. For more info, call 803/788-6034 or visit

RC Car Scales

Getting your chassis set up correctly and accurately will make a huge difference in handling and give you more wins and better finishes—even in the world of RC cars! Longacre's new CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Scale Pads for RC cars have a 14-pound capacity per pad and each pad measures 3.0- x 5.5-inches. They work just like the bigger versions short track racers across the country use week in and week out.

These RC car scales allow you to read wheel weights in 1/100-pound, 1/10 oz. or grams, and switching from one to the next is quick and easy. The large four-line display shows all four wheels and all partial percentages—Rear, Left, Cross, Total, etc. (Weight and percentage total.) Longacre's RC scales are easy to use—just set them up and turn them on! For more info, call 360/453-2030, or visit

Magnum Tire Pressure Gauges

Longacre recently redesigned its line of Magnum Tire Pressure Gauges. The new gauges sport a new look, but the same great features. The 3.5-inch white dial face with black lettering is easy to see, and the glow-in-the-dark feature makes it easy to read in the pits at night. The Magnum gauges comes dual bleed buttons for fast setting, internal gauge damper for consistent and accurate readings, and the gauge holds pressure till the bleeds are pressed. The gauges use a 17-inch hose with a one-piece swivel chuck. For more information, visit or call 360/453-2030.

Auto Meter
LED Display

Auto Meter has taken gauge technology to the next level with its new LED Display. The system was originally designed for NASCAR drivers who want to keep all of the essential information directly in front of them during the race. However, this display is also perfect for the higher level short track divisions.The display is a 7-inch panel that is programmable with features like shift lights, warning lights, pit road speed indicator, and much more. For more information, visit or call 866/248-6357.

Auto Meter
Digital Battery Charger

In addition to the new LED display, Auto Meter has also made major leaps to improve their line of battery chargers. The Battery Extender is a new line of battery maintainers and chargers, designed to be extremely powerful and versatile, while being extremely energy efficient. The Battery Extenders are compatible with nearly all batteries, and utilize Auto Meter's Digital Pulse Technology to automatically keep your battery in the best possible condition, extending its lifespan in the process. Simply connect it and forget it. For more information, visit or call 866/248-6357.

RPM Controller

MSD is excited to bring a new H.E.I. rev limiter to the circle track world. The all-new Circle Track RPM Control (PN 8727CT) is designed for racers and tech officials alike. It's fully digital operation allows for extra smooth and accurate rev limiting to within a quarter percent of the set value, while eliminating the need for plug in RPM modules, as convenient adjustable rotary dials take its place. A bright LED display clearly indicates the set RPM rev limit and new, easy plug in wiring and connectors allow the unit to plug directly into any H.E.I. style distributor with no cutting or crimping of wires. The 8727CT is epoxy filled making it resistant to the extreme conditions circle track racing presents including water, mud, engine fluids, and, of course, vibration. The epoxy is also in place so that tampering with the internal circuitry becomes a thing of the past. New digital technology also allows the 8727CT to record the highest RPM the engine revved at for a pre-determined amount of time, providing useful information to both race teams and tech officials. If for any reason the unit loses any connection during a race, the engine will lose power and set a fault code that will be displayed on the LED display. For more information call 915/855-7123 or visit

AllStar Performance
Lightweight Radiator

Weight (or reducing weight) is extremely important when you're talking about a race car. So is cooling. Allstar Performance has just given racers a way to improve cooling, while significantly reducing weight with their new Plastic Tank Racing Radiators. These radiators offer a 22-percent reduction in weight (when filled) and a 6-percent increase in cooling capability. The internally reinforced plastic tanks allow the radiator to be more corrosion resistant than previous all-aluminum models, and are available in single and dual pass configuration. Allstar has part numbers for GM and Ford applications. For more information, visit or call 269/463-8000.

Five Star Race Car Bodies
New Late Model Stock Bodies

The asphalt Super Late Models and NASCAR Late Model Stock Cars have been bodied under the ABC rules for quite some time. Some (Circle Track included) have said that these bodies need a refresh, and should resemble cars that actually drive on the street. Five Star Race Car Bodies has taken a step in the right direction with its new realistic looking body for the NASCAR Late Model Stock cars. The Chevy SS nose and tail section (Ford and Toyota are also available) strongly resemble the street car are instantly recognizable as such. The body is still a prototype and Five Star will most likely make some tweaks before the body is officially released. We hope they don't stray too far from what we've seen, because we think it looks great! For more info, visit or call 262/877-2171.

Scat Crankshafts
Rotating Assemblies

SCAT offers over 1,200 rotating assembly combinations for Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Pontiac and Sport Compact, giving any racer the ability to buy engine parts with out the guess work. SCAT offers rotating assemblies in three different combinations to suit your specific needs. Basic unbalanced includes crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons. Basic Plus unbalanced includes crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, and rings and bearings. Premium balanced includes the following and is completely internal or external balanced crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, rings and bearings, and flexplate or damper, depending on rotating assembly.

Only the finest component parts available are used in SCAT's rotating assemblies including cast or forged cranks in all styles, weights, and combinations, six different style of I-Beam and H-Beam rods in various lengths, weights, and journal combinations, and an infinite number of piston combinations, which are selected by SCAT based upon specific application. For more information, visit or call 310/370-5501.