SCT Performance
X4 Handheld Tuner

Every oval track racer out there owns a truck that they use to tow to the track. And getting better performance and efficiency from that truck means you'll save money on fuel which you can put back into your racing program. That's exactly why you need to take a look at SCT Performance's line of tuners. The company has been on a hot streak the last few years, debuting new tuners for a variety of budgets. One tuner that's gone overlooked just happens to be their best seller—the SF3 pre-loaded tuner and the X3 that's designed to be used with custom tunes. The Livewire received a facelift two years ago with an all-new touch screen color display and it only made sense to make similar updates to the SF3/X3 programmer.

"The X4 will only slightly increase in cost over the current SF3s," says Tim Roi of SCT. "Look for them to hit the shelves early 2014." The new X4 is dimensionally smaller than the SF3 and boasts a full color screen that is much easier to navigate. The OBD-II port remains wired and uses a smaller, Livewire TS-style, plug that connects to the top of the device. Also the X4 will come with a window suction mount and is slotted on the back to lock in place, again, much like the Livewire TS.

One of the most exciting changes is the ease to update the device. Instead of having to connect to a Windows-based computer for updates, the X4 will have integrated WiFi that will allow update through a standard wireless connection. Rounding out the features are two analog inputs, ability to hold 10 custom tunes, multiple datalogging screens, and better navigation with its updated scrolling buttons. For more information, visit


Safety is extremely important—especially when it comes to your head-and-neck in a frontal of offset impact. The folks at NecksGen recently released their newest version of the head-and-neck restraint—the NecksGen REV.

The REV is a compact, lightweight restrainst system designed to be extremely effective at controlling the head and neck in crashes where the driver sees big negative G-forces. There are a few things that distinguish the REV from its predecessor such as quick release helmet hardware complete with emergency pull cords for a speedy release, winglets that hold your belts in place, and NecksGen's Tension Neutralizing Tether systems. Together these features combine to offer the latest in head-and-neck control.

The NecksGen units are designed and made in the USA, using the latest carbon-fiber composite DuPont material. Not only are these materials lightweight, but they are extremely strong, excelling in the stringent SFI 38.1 Certification testing. For more info on the REV, visit or call 855/632-5743.

AR Bodies
Air Speed Nose and Fender

AR Bodies debuted a brand new front end for Dirt Late Models at the show this year. Their booth featured a Dirt Late Model with its new Air Speed nose and fenders. The body pieces are constructed out of durable molded plastic, and the design utilizes the company's 30 years of wind tunnel experience to bring the ultimate in downforce. The nose and fenders are available in seven colors, with an optional valance kit (available in 10 colors), and a full line of durable racing graphics. The Late Model in their booth also sported AR Bodies' new 2013 Chevy SS graphics. The nose graphics perfectly mimic the production car, giving that recognizable touch everyone loves. AR Bodies also offers 2013 Ford Fusions graphics. For more information, visit or call 888/245-1468.

Midget Brake Kit

Stopping your Midget safely is now much easier, thanks to Afco. The company now offers one part number, which gives you everything you need to put the right brakes on your Midget. The Midget Brake Kit consists of one forged F33 four-piston inboard aluminum caliper, two inboard brake pads, and two caliper fittings and is available for all chassis brands. For more information, visit or call 800/632-2320.

Howe Racing Enterprises
Max A-Frame

We were attracted to the Howe Racing Enterprises booth by the company's Max A-Frames, which were spinning at a high rate of speed, driven only by a fan. This shows how well the line of low-drag, low friction products work. Howe Precision Max A-frames offer the same low drag and low friction as other Howe precision products. The sealed dual-row ball bearing design allows bind free movement under severe braking conditions, even if it becomes damaged. The easily removable cross shafts are for use with tower mounts and are replaceable while being available in three different styles. The ball joint mounting ring is reinforced to prevent flex and distortion of the ball joint housing. Available in a variety of lengths, they mount with 1/2-inch bolts. For more information, visit or call 888/484-3946.

Coleman Machine
Driveshaft Driven Alternator

Weight and weight placement is critical if you take your racing program seriously. Coleman Racing is always looking to lighten its racing components, and when it can't, better placement of that weight becomes the priority. Accessories like the alternator need to be driven, and in the past the crankshaft was the most efficient way to do this. But that meant the weight of the alternator was traditionally high and on the front of the engine. Coleman recently designed and built a system to mount it on the back of the transmission and drive it with the driveshaft. This puts the weight low and in the center of the car in a much more favorable position. The company also offers kits to mount the alternator to the most quick-change rearends. For more information, visit or call 866-coleman.

Sprint Car Front Mag Drive

With the Sprint Car guys in mind, Moroso recently released its Sprint Car Front Magneto Drive Assembly. The kit is designed to move the magneto from the back of the engine behind the injection where it's difficult to get to, to the front of the engine, addressing the inherent problems of unstable timing, magneto flex and movement, shaft failure, drive gear failure, and the inability to perform on-car timing adjustments. Currently, Moroso is offering the Front Magneto Drive for standard cam height small-block Chevy-style blocks, and is designed to work with Wesmar gear drive assemblies, Moroso and other commonly used dry sump pumps, commonly used crank-driven water pumps, and MSD's 12 LT Generator. For more information, visit or call 203/485-0542.

Strange Oval
Stock Car Drive Plates

We are always attracted to shiny billet aluminum, and we were instantly drawn to these stock car drive plates in the Strange Oval booth. Strange Oval offers a wide variety of drive plates and axles for everything from Sprint Cup to Modifieds to Late Models in 5 on 5 and wide 5 configurations. The new drive plates come either cambered or non-cambered and are constructed from billet steel, billet aluminum, or nickel chromium molybdenum steel depending on the application. For the best configuration for your car, visit or call 800/653-1099.

Keyser Mfg
Axle Tube Gauge

Keyser Manufacturing is now offering an Axle Tube Gauge. This gauge will allow the rearend to be checked for bent axle tubes without removing the housing from the chassis. The easy-to-use gauge slides over the wide-5 snout, then simply check the measurement from the side bell to the gauge. Rotate the gauge and check the measurement again at the opposite side of the bell to insure the axle tube is straight. The Keyser Axle Tube Gauge is available in black powdercoat. For more information, visit or call 616/837-7223.

Race Engineering
Ford 2300 Cam Followers

Race Engineering now offers its Ultra-Follower for 2300 SOHC motors (PN FD-148). A proprietary combination of several super-slick aerospace coatings prevents galling common to stock type followers. The added benefit of a dramatic reduction in power-robbing friction becomes evident even during cam setup. This results in a freer turning valvetrain, which equates to added horsepower. Race Engineering Ultra-Followers work with solid and hydraulic cams. For more information, call 800/741-5250 or visit

Steering Racks

Pro-Werks recently announced the acquisition of Stiletto steering racks, and they jumped right in and made more improvements to the already robust product line. The ultra fast action of this rack-and-pinion is designed for small oval track applications, like Midgets. These racks are precision machined from high-strength steel and billet aluminum. Close tolerance manufacturing processes have been incorporated in these units, resulting in very smooth action, with near zero backlash. For more information, visit or call 231/873-0218.

G-Force Racing Gear
GF-745 Firesuit

G-Force Racing Gear has unveiled a new driving suit that is said to hit the market sometime in 2014. The all new GF-745 is an SFI 3.2a/5, double layer, lightweight driving suit. This new suit will be the pinnacle of the G-Force suit lineup, featuring every available custom option in a stock suit. The suit is made with a soft knit interior lining and a durable, textured outer material that provides comfort while maintaining the strict SFI standards. This suit will be offered in Black, Blue, or Red, all with a striking dark gray accent on the torso and shoulders. The GF-745 carries the minimalist shoulders to avoid bunching under belts or restraint devices, a vented back panel, high back collar, wide shoulder points that enclose the 360-degree knit arm holes, and the modern boot cuff pant legs. This suit will be offered in adult sizes and hopes to hit the market for $599.99 or less pending final production costs. For more information, visit or call 770/998-8855.

Performance Bodies
MD3 Scoops

At the show, Performance Bodies showed off three new color options that have been added to the MD3 family of Hood Scoops. White, red and blue will be joining the black carbon-fiber appearing scoop assortment.

These new aerodynamic, lightweight products are molded from ultra durable high-impact plastic and are the newest addition to the elite MD3 family of products. These latest models were universally designed for use on all race cars.

"The carbon-fiber appearing hoodscoops have been extremely popular," said President of Performance Bodies Scott Braun. "We felt it was important to give our customers the option of more colors to enhance their race car. We're excited about our growing line of high-quality MD3 parts and plan to keep bringing the racers even more new products in the future." For more information, visit or call 800/722-4641.