Douglas County Speedway

DCS is an asphalt track that is located in Roseburg, Oregon, just off the Interstate 5 highway at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. The track is 3/8-mile with moderate banking. And for our visit, we were welcomed by Vic Bridges and the Old Time Racers of Oregon who put on a wonderful luncheon for all of the racers and Karen and me.

The guys with OTRO even saved us a pit stall which we backed our Tour bus into, put our awning out to shade our neighbor racer, and generally had a front row seat to the action. Each of the OTRO cars has a sticker that said, “Welcome Circle Track Magazine.” It made me realize that maybe some of these racers out there really do follow this Tour of ours.

What amazed me was how competitive the OTRO drivers were. And best of all, they all got along and enjoyed each other's company. Getting these older cars to handle and perform takes just as much attention as trying to get a Super Late Model or Sportsman car to go fast. It's still all about the balance.

There were a decent number of Late Models present, as well as four-cylinder classes, which can be very good competition and make for a good race. There were also a surprising number of spectators in the stands.

All of the races were great, there were few cautions and it ended at a decent hour, which was good for us because we had to be at Coos Bay Speedway the next day for some innovative dirt racing close to the Oregon Pacific coast. It was only 76 miles, but we needed to travel over one of those mountain roads that we have come to know and love. But that's a story for a future issue.

And so we said goodbye to Vic and friends, spent the night in the parking lot, and left not too early the next morning for the coast. We had changed our plans the week before to include a stay near the famous dunes, just north of Coos Bay. We're sure glad we did.

Coos Bay Speedway

Coos Bay is out in the sticks, nice and attractive sticks that is, but not too far from the town of the same name and North Bend. There are lots of loggers and fishermen around these parts and having a dirt track show just seems like home to these people.

Chuck Prather, Sr. runs the track here and at Southern Oregon Speedway, our last stop in Oregon before moving on to California. He has developed a unique plan where he owns and rents out Sprint Cars that race both here and at SOS. They compete for the Southern Oregon Sprint Car Tour points.

I wondered early on how well these renters would be able to handle a Sprint Car, it is after all a tricky business making one of these go fast and not look like a fool. But I soon found out that all of the cars were driven by experienced Sprint Car drivers, and not just wannabe's, and the racing was very good.

The other classes at this track include Hornets, Mini Outlaw, Street Stocks, Sportsman, and Late Models. The facility is diversified too. Chuck runs an NHRA dragstrip event that is situated between the grandstands and the dirt oval. This is a Saturday afternoon and Sunday event throughout the summer. And also on Sundays, there is a mud drags event out by the highway and away from the dragstrip.

The dirt track is 3/8-mile in length and medium banked. It is wide and has a concrete wall around the outside, but with the width, the wall usually does not come into play for the races. The night I was there, the Mini-Sprints were racing and it was fun to watch these very fast, winged cars negotiate the track while never lifting most of the time.

I would get to see more of the renter Sprint Cars later on at Southern Oregon and we'll tell all about that in the next installment next month. Meanwhile, we have the next week to explore southern Oregon where we will pan for gold, seek out old gold rush towns and hunt for unique restaurants. And at this point, we are just half way through the 2013 AMSOIL Great American CT Tour. There's a lot more to see and do, so stay tuned.

Don't forget to check out the rest of our series on The 2013 AMSOIL Great American CT Tour!

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