Promoters should be more sensitive to the families when scheduling the races and moving the program along. If the races drag on too long, the families will have to leave early, before the final races which are usually the feature events, and as such, miss much of the best action.

It takes just a few of these “partial shows” for the families to decide to do something else for their entertainment. Dad leaves disappointed, the kids are tired and cranky, and mom just wants to do what is right for the kids. And I can’t blame her.

By setting an earlier finishing time, everyone wins, including the teams who sometimes travel great distances to compete and need to get going toward home after the event. I have never heard anyone complain about finishing early, but I’ve heard a lot of negative talk about shows that run long up to and past midnight.

So, kudos to RMR and the management team for running a great show, being sensitive to the needs of the racers and fans and operating a very clean and modern facility.

Moving on up the Road

Now that we’ve gotten a couple of races under our belt, it’s off to Idaho for more action. Our RV plan was to spend a few days in the Meridian/Boise area before our Fourth of July race on Thursday at Meridian Speedway, but a look at the projected temperatures for those days predicted 106 to 108 highs and that was not acceptable.

So, I searched and found an RV Park in the high altitudes of Stanley, Idaho, among the Sawtooth mountain range and quickly reserved a spot until Thursday morning. I am so glad I did that and if you are ever in Idaho in this area, please do yourself a favor and visit this area. It is one of the most amazing sights we’ve seen on our entire Tour.

We’ll come down from the upper regions and visit Meridian Speedway for their special 4th celebration on that Thursday and then get in another race at Stateline Speedway which lies all the way up on the east side of Spokane, WA, but still in Idaho. We’ll tell you all about those events in our next installment.

The track management put our bus right at the entrance to the grandstands and from this vantage point we could watch every fan walk by on the way to the seats

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