After lunch, we traveled the short distance down Tower Avenue to the dirt track named for our Tour sponsor. This is your typical dirt track as such, but somewhat non-typical too. It has evolved and transitioned in recent years and is gaining in popularity as well as strength in numbers of racers.

I'm not sure if it was the news of our visit or what, but the racers showed up in very good numbers. We parked our bus in the pits in a space where "that team won't be coming tonight." Each team had its assigned parking spots.

Sure enough, "that team" showed up and we had to move next door to another "no show." Sure enough, just when I had leveled the bus, this other no show showed up and we had to move again.

Several moves later, we were all set. We set up our display of Tour sponsor's swag and had a continual string of racers and their families coming by the bus to chat and take literature provided by our list of associated sponsors.

This night had the historic cars running and we saw some very cool examples of years past dirt cars. What I thought amazing was the quality of cars. They looked like they had just been restored. The paint and bodies were near perfect on most of these cars and it is a testament to the interest racers have for the bygone era of dirt racing.

AMSOIL Speedway runs, as regular classes, the Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, and Pure Stocks. There were a good many cars here for each of these classes in addition to the vintage cars.

The race director at AMSOIL Speedway for this race was Chris Stepan and he ran the event well, keeping the cars moving between races to where the show had a flow to it that fans like. And this is one of the most northerly race tracks in America. It is less than 100 miles to the Canadian border by plane.

I'm not sure what kind of tracks they have in Canada, but I have seen plenty of teams from that country travel into the U.S. to race on our tracks. I saw this in New York at Mohawk International Speedway, in New Hampshire, and in Maine and I see it here in the area of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

We had a great time at the AMSOIL Speedway, but early the next morning we were off to another speedway for the Saturday night show.