Tire-Pressure Management
Small tire-pressure changes can have a significant effect on the handling characteristics of your car. Keeping track and compensating for those changes can give you an advantage. The digital Memory Tire Pressure Gauge from Longacre Racing Products stores four cold tire pressures and four hot tire pressures in memory, for comparison of pressure gain from ambient to racing temperatures. It has a resolution to one tenth of a pound. The Longacre circuitry compensates for changes in temperature and barometric pressure so you can count on your reading no matter what the conditions. Contact Longacre Racing Products, Dept. CT08, 14269 NE 200th St., Woodinville, WA 98072; 800/423-3110; www.longacreracing.com.

SuperFlow makes dynamometers for race-engine builders, manufac-turers, repair centers, and auto-motive-emissions test centers. The company has applied its power absorption and data-gathering technology to produce the AutoDyn as a new performance auto-chassis dynamometer. It is constructed to accurately measure power, torque, and other engine parameters while in a controlled shop environment. The design allows you to validate performance modifications with precise, dyno-proven gains. Contact SuperFlow Corp., Dept. CT, 3512 N. Tejon, Colorado Springs, CO 80907-5299; 719/471-1746.

Tire Deflator
Currie Enterprises has introduced this tire deflation device for checking and adjusting tire pressure. For tire deflation, it screws onto the valve-stem cap threads, after which a sliding tool can remove the valve-stem core and hold it, while a sliding collar opens and closes the valve to release air. When the valve is closed, the gauge reads the pressure. When the desired pressure is acquired, the valve-stem core is reinstalled, and the device is removed from the stem. Contact Currie Enterprises, Dept. CT, 1480-B N. Tustin Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807.

Valve Lash Wrench
This two-in-one valve wrench from T&D Machine Products is designed to simplify setting valve lash on T&D's shaft rocker systems. It incorporates a 1/2-inch, 12-point box-end wrench with a 3/16-inch hex Allen wrench. Contact T&D Machine Products, Dept. CT, 4859 Convair Dr., Carson City, NV 89706; 702/884-2292.

Chassis Setups
Longacre produces these Computerscales to provide accuracy in your chassis setups. The display shows all four wheel weights and any partial percentage you want. The pads are fullsize, 1,400-pounds capacity; the heavy-duty Red cables are said to be tough; and a carrying case is included in the package to protect the electronics and store everything conveniently. The entire system is built in the same factory for professional quality. Contact Longacre Racing Products Inc., Dept. CT, 14269 NE 200th St., Woodinville, WA 98072; 425/485-0823.