These 10 steps and points "worth remembering" will give you a great start on going after serious sponsorship. Before you ask, the time to start looking for sponsorship is now. Sponsorship marketing is an ongoing, everyday effort. And it does not stop when sponsorship is found. Once you have sponsorship, the hard work may really just be starting. You will have to do everything you promised, and you will have to work at protecting your sponsorship.

As to where to find sponsors, they are everywhere. We always suggest becoming active in local charities and civic organizations. Go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting or two. There are many successful business people who are involved in these groups.

In many areas, there are weekly business journals and tabloid newspapers that carry area business news. They also have lists of new businesses. You can keep a close eye on the business news in your local newspaper. That could very well be where you find your sponsor.

Seeking sponsorship is hard work. You will have to devote a lot of time and effort. It is not something you can do part-time at night; it has to be done during business hours.

If you don't feel that you can do all this but still want to reap the benefits of sponsorship, then hire someone to do it for you. Be prepared to pay a retainer and commission for their services, and keep in mind there are no guarantees.

Ernie Saxton has been involved in the business of motorsports for more than 40 years. He has been a photographer, a writer, an announcer (174 different tracks), a public relations person, a broadcaster, a marketing executive for a major company, and has even promoted some events. His monthly newsletter, Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News, is read by many key figures in motorsports and has helped many local, regional, national, and international racers and promoters with their sponsorship efforts. He continues to write for a variety of publications and is a cohost of two motorsports radio shows. He is also president of the Eastern Motorsport Press Association, which encompasses about 175 professional media that cover all forms of motorsports.

Saxton is considered an expert in sponsorship marketing, and his Web site,, has a wealth of information. He represents teams and events seeking sponsorship support from time to time and can be reached at Send an e-mail and ask for a sample copy of his Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News.