Welcome to the first in a series of Circle Track Spotlights. The editors of Circle Track have designed this new section as a category-specific listing of essential products. Look for the Products Spotlight in each issue of Circle Track.

New for 2007, the "KoolMat Shifter Boot" is a 48.1 SFI-approved silicone/fiberglass composite shifter boot that is good up to 1,000 degrees F. The product, made by KoolMat, is required in all of NASCAR's national and regional touring series. For more information, call 877/566-5369 or visit www.koolmat.com.

Spal's Extreme High Performance Fan features a curved-blade design for increased strength. Each fan is individually balanced and specially designed for paved oval track stock car racing. For more information, call 800/345-0327 or visit www.spalusa.com.

Constructed entirely from aluminum, these transmission coolers from TCI have AN fittings for connection to either steel-braided or high-pressure lines. These coolers are pressure checked to 300 psi. For more information, call 888/776-9824 or visit www.tciauto.com.

C&R Racing's all-aluminum, handcrafted radiator is made with hand-formed tank and aluminum billet neck, universal inlet, and 131/44-inch outlet. The radiators are single pass or double pass, heliarc-welded with two-row furnace-brazed cores (no epoxy), and available as open or closed systems. C&R offers cooling systems for a wide range of racing classes. For more information, call 317/293-4100 or visit www.crracing.com.

Fluidyne Racing's DB-30217 and DB-30216 offer an affordable, super-efficient, all-aluminum oval tube option for your rear end cooling needs. These coolers use the same technology that cools Nextel Cup's 700-plus horsepower engines, but in a smaller, more versatile package! For more information, visit www.fluidyne.com.

Howe Racing's oil cooler tubes replace braided oil line to transfer the oil heat into the surrounding air. The fin design increases the surface area five times over straight tubing. Aluminum conducts heat, while braided line is actually an insulator. The outside diameter forms a 1 3/4-inch diameter, allowing the tube to be bent in a standard tubing bender. They are sold in five different pre-threaded and chamfered lengths or in bulk up to 9 feet. For more information, call 888/484-3946 or visit www.howeracing.com.

Five Star Race Car Bodies offers complete brake cooling systems that include molded brake ducts designed to fit all '04-up noses (shown). Adjustable flange allows for 3- or 4-inch tubing, which Five Star also offers in 350-degree-rated neoprene and 600-degree-rated silicon. Ducts come complete with stainless steel screen, rivets, and washers. For more information, call 262/877-2171 or visit www.fivestarbodies.com.

Aluminum water pumps are an excellent way to reduce weight on your engine. This small-block Chevy pump is from Smiley's Racing and retails for just under $70. For more information, call 972/289-RACE or www.smileysracing.com.

Shafer Enterprises, manufacturer of the Cool Shirt, has just introduced its Portable Bag System. Featuring a lightweight, waterproof canvas denier bag with a 12V internal pump, insulated water hose, and the original HANS-Friendly Cool Shirt(r), the new Portable Bag System was developed for use in all types of racing. It provides a driver-cooling alternative for race cars that have limited space, is easily portable, and costs less than $400 complete. For more information, call 800/345-3176 or visit www.coolshirt.net.

This reusable, cool neckwear releases cold moisture onto the skin, which enhances evaporation, allowing for cooling during strenuous work and outdoor activities. It reduces fatigue and raises productivity by keeping performance levels high. You can get one (or more) by calling Day Motorsports at 800/543-6238 or www.daymotorsports.com.