Another point to mention is that your sponsor is paying good money for the fans to be able to see its name and/or logo on the car. Let us not forget the people scoring the race. If the numbers are covered with mud, it is very possible you will not be scored. So we can approach this from several fronts: performance, mechanics, the sponsor's perspective, and scoring.

So what is the answer? How do we keep the car clean? The real issue is not only how to keep the car clean, but also, how can we quickly clean the car between heats? Anyone who has ever had to deal with mud knows it can be very difficult to remove. So the next question is, how do we make the car easier to clean? This is a question that is easier to answer than one would think.

Racers tend to be very clever people. There are a number of methods and products that make cleaning your dirt car easier. They range from products designed especially to prevent mud from sticking to the car to ones that, at the very least, make it easier to get the mud off the car. If you take a walk around the pits at the local track prior to the start of the first wheel-packing session, you will find racers spraying or wiping a variety of products on their cars in an effort to keep mud from sticking to their cars.

These products range from water-based waxes, to vegetable oils, to baby oil, to very light petroleum-based oils. The intention is to make the surfaces slick and slippery so the mud falls off easily. In actuality, the mud may still stick, but it will be easier to wash or wipe off. Does it work? To some extent, yes, but there are limits. Does the mud just fall off? Not necessarily all the time, but it is easier to wipe off.

Some Products That Will Help:Mudd Off A commercial product that was designed for this exact purpose. It comes in a concentrated form, and you mix it with water at a ratio of 10 to 1. Spray it on the car prior to wheel packing or racing.

The popular method is to mix Mudd Off in a small garden bug sprayer and soak your car with the mixture. When applied, it looks like milk running off the car. Shades of an Indy victory and a celebratory milk shower! Mudd Off can be purchased at most racing retailers and in some ATV shops.

Baby Oil Yep, it's the same stuff you put on a baby after bath time to keep its skin soft and smooth. Just squirt it straight out of the bottle onto the car and wipe it down with a soft rag. This is about as simple as it gets. No mixing, no measuring, no extra equipment required. All it takes is fair aim and several shop rags.

The stuff is pretty economical, and just about every grocery store in the country sells the stuff. You can even get an economy brand at the local Wal-Mart for about $1.99 a bottle, or you can get the deluxe product with the special fragrance and extra skin softeners for $2.79, making the car smell real nice to boot.

WD-40 Oil in a spray can. While this is not the only product of this type, there are other brands of light lubricating oil packaged in aerosol cans. This type of product is handy and has multiple uses. An added bonus is that this type of product actually repels water in addition to making the surface of the car slippery.