Edelbrock has introduced its new Victor Jr. intake manifold, which fits the LS1 GM motor. This part replaces the Electronic Fuel Injection manifold so the engine can be raced legally in classes that require carburetors.

The Victor Jr. LS1 for the Chevrolet LS1 V-8 with carbureted applications has an operating range of 3,500-7,500 rpm. This high-rise single-plane intake is capable of supporting up to 600 hp. Like the Performer RPM LS1 intake, the Victor Jr. LS1 accepts a squarebore carburetor and comes with an electronic timing module that picks up MAP, crank position, and cam position in order to drive the stock coil-on-plug ignition system.

The LS1 with the Victor Jr. intake manifold may well be the engine combination of the future for short-track racing.

This module also offers a choice of several built-in timing curves, each tailored for engine displacement, cam profiles, and fuel grades. It includes a throttle bracket designed to work with 700R-4, 200R-4, and Turbo 350 automatic transmissions. Most applications will require hood modification.

Some racing series allow the LS1 block that has been converted to accomodate a carburetor. The future of the LS1 block in racing application is now wide open with NASCAR requiring the carbureted LS1 motor for the Busch East and AutoZone West series. We reported on the testing for that motor in the June '06 issue.

The following is an excerpt from that article:
On hand to watch the test was NASCAR Busch East Director Lee Roy, who explained the idea behind the new engine: "Our objective is to develop an engine that will keep a similar horsepower figure, lessen the rpm, and cost less than half of what the competitors are paying now for a built engine. Carl Wegner came up with a good package that hits the goal on the cost."

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