This new professional grinding tool from Dremel is perfect for cleaning up any unwanted rough spots or porting and polishing a cylinder head. Not only is this grinder designed to withstand the heavier demands of an engine builder, but it also has two key technical features. The first is what Dremel calls “cruise control,” which is similar to cruise control on a car. It electronically controls and maintains a set speed even when under a load. This helps prevent the grinder from slowing down, resulting in burning, jagged edges or uneven cuts. The second feature is the use of an LCD readout, which allows you to select a precise speed setting between 5,000-30,000rpm, in increments of 1,000.

Other handy features of the Dremel Digital include a “soft-start” system, which slowly brings the tool up to the selected speed. Separate on/off and variable speed buttons conveniently located at the “heel” provide easy access. A 10-foot power cord allows users extra room and flexibility to maneuver and reach project areas.

Dremel has more than 100 types of grinding, polishing, sanding and wire attachments that make cleaning and grinding almost any surface an easy task. The tapered, balanced, ergonomically-shaped handle helps eliminate hand and arm fatigue, making it comfortable for complicated, time-consuming projects. Other attachments, such as flexshafts (used in top photo), routers, drill press stands and a variety of other items can also be added. The Dremel Digital Rotary Tool comes in a variety of kits priced from $99 to $119 with a five-year warranty.

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