For racers who have experienced frustration in trying to check for proper release-bearing clearance, a new tool by QuickCar could be the one they've been looking for. Developed by QuickCar's design engineer, Mike Brown, the clearance tool is simple to use, and most importantly, it provides absolutely accurate measurement when the release-bearing clearance is being set.

In the past, clearances have been measured in a cumbersome three-step method. First, a straightedge is placed across the bellhousing, and a measurement is taken by sliding a tape measure or dial caliper against the fingers of the pressure plate (sometimes called the cover plate). Next, a straightedge is placed on the release bearing and a measurement is taken back to the transmission flange. Once both readings have been taken, they are subtracted to check for acceptable release-bearing clearance (usually 0.065 to 0.125 inch). This method usually requires a veteran on hand to do the job, and it can be confusing and frustrating.

All of that confusion and frustration is put to an end with QuickCar's clearance tool. Made from machined aluminum, this is a one-piece precision tool that's easy to use in checking bearing-release clearances. Use of this tool makes the measurement of release-bearing clearance accurate, foolproof, and best of all, anyone can do it. Priced at $97.50, this could be a very worthwhile investment for your racing program.

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