Impact's new Carbon Fiber (CF) Off-Set 20 Air Draft is so new there isn't even a picture of it yet (the one to the right is the composite version). The very first thing you'll notice is that the air inlet is offset 20 degrees from the top center of the helmet. By relocating the inlet (you can order it on either side), it provides drivers more clearance in the cockpit, which if you're over 5 foot 10 inches tall you find a welcome relief. No more banging your head on the roof or rollbars.

Now, one reason that you didn't see top side air inlets like that in the past is the difficulty of routing them around to the opposite side of the helmet. But the engineers at Impact corrected that and then rerouted the air channels in the helmet to better distribute air on the backside of the visor eliminating potential wind noise in communication devices as well as visor fogging.

Impact is calling it the ultimate dirt track and off-road helmet, sporting features specifically targeting those markets. Beyond relocating the air inlet, which we thought was a really smart idea, Impact also added a foam helmet port gasket to help seal out dust. There is nothing worse than getting dust and debris coming through that small gap where the visor meets the helmet right in the middle of the race. Not only can it cause you to be uncomfortable, it can also cause a dangerous situation if you can't see the track or other competitors because you got some debris in your eye.

Impact also added a chin deflector to prevent dirt and debris from entering the helmet from below. The Off-Set 20 CF Air Draft also comes standard with a removable helmet skirt for even more protection and safety. Impact offers these helmets in adult sizes from extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large and all of them are Snell SA2010 certified. Plus to get the perfect fit, they also offer different sized cheek pads. The helmet is also available in a composite version (shown) if carbon fiber isn't your cup of tea.

Along with the new helmet, Impact also introduces a brand-new logo and company image. The new crossroads mark evokes feelings of both a circle track (the red curve) and drag racing (the straight line). Impact was acquired from Bill Simpson over a year ago by California safety company Mastercraft Safety which specializes in off-road racing safety equipment. Much of what it has learned from decades of off-road racing went into the design of the new Off-Set 20 CF Air Draft helmet, making it perfect for dirt track oval racers everywhere.

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