Specific Trans Fluid
TCI has just introduced a new version of its Max Shift Transmission Fluid. Designed specifically for dirt and asphalt circle track automatic racing transmissions, Max Shift Circle Track can operate at far greater temperatures than both petroleum-based transmission fluids and synthetic formulas. Max Shift Circle Track Transmission Fluid offers several unique benefits to oval-track racers, including anti-foaming agents that reduce pump cavitation for more consistent line pressures, as well as maintenance of an exceptionally high viscosity level at high temperatures, which increases the life of not only the fluid, but of the clutches and bands, as well. This makes the formulation ideal for resistance against high temperature drivetrain wear, as well as fluid breakdown that is common in most high-performance circle track racing applications. In addition, applications using a torque converter see minimized slippage, which translates into quicker acceleration on the straightaways. Available in single quarts or in cases of 12 single quart bottles more information about Max Shift Circle Track Transmission Fluid is available by calling TCI at 888/776-9824, or visiting

Oval-Track Oil Pan
Brand-new from Moroso is its oval-track oil pan. Fabricated specifically for tube chassis cars, GM metric chassis with lower engines or cars using Big Bar Soft Spring setups, this circle-track oil pan is an upgrade for the GM Crate Engine owner or anyone with a one-piece rear main seal engine who is looking for a shallower oil pan with the added benefit of having a passenger-side kick out for more horsepower. In addition, the pan features five trap door baffles for oil control, an engineered louvered windage tray system, and an oil level sight plug. The new pan accepts most starter and flywheel combinations as well as 3.80-inch stroke with steel rods. It is designed to work with '86 and newer blocks that have a one-piece rear main seal and either Moroso's Standard Volume SBC oil pumps or its race pump. For more information contact Moroso at 203/453-6571 or visit

Weight Saving Cables
Accel's new Lightning Cable puts out the same amount of energy and power as traditional battery cables but at half of the weight. The 4, 2, and 1/0 gauge cable weighs in at a mere 0.12 pounds per cubic foot. Its copper clad aluminum construction allows maximum energy transfer while easy to use compression fittings and terminals simply twist and screw on and are available in 4 and 16 packs. In addition, red and black heat shrink tubing kits are available. Pre made 3-foot long grounding cables are also available in 4 and 2 gauge traditional battery cable. Choose from 20 and 100 foot spools to rewire one or several race cars. For more information contact Accel at 216/688-8300 or visit