Oil Filter Crushers Let Shops Get Greener
Engine shops, or even high-volume race shops, will love the new RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher from Ranger Products. In just 20 seconds, this industrial-quality, welded steel plate crusher applies 10 tons of pure, air-operated pressure to just about any used oil filter, easily reducing it to 25 percent of its original size and removing 95 percent of the oil. The exclusive X-shape bevel in the press head pre-aligns filters for an absolute vertical press, and it offers an integrated collection chamber and collector downspout for simple oil recovery. This no-mess design operates clean and efficiently to significantly reduce spill hazards. And at the drastically reduced size, oil filters are both easier to store and cheaper to dispose of, which encourages proper waste management. For information contact Ranger Products at 805/933-9970 or visit www.rangerproducts.com.

Cut to length Axleshafts
Nitro Gear & Axle now offers an assortment of heavy-duty, cut-to-length (CTL) rear axleshafts for Ford 8- and 9-inch, Mopar 8.75-inch, and Dana 44. The CTL axleshafts feature extra long splines and can easily be cut to the desired length with a chop saw. This allows Nitro to use stronger rolled splines rather than cut splines and allows fewer part numbers to cover a wide range of applications. For more information contact Nitro at 916/673-6464 or visit www.nitro-gear.com.

Save Your Hearing
Race vehicles, whether oval, drag, rally, or road, are of course known for high speeds but also for the penetratingly loud noises they produce. Those noises can cause extreme hearing damage for drivers, crews, and fans alike. If you spend any time around the pits or garage area of a racetrack, you owe it to yourself and your ears to check out the new Hearos Premium Ear Plugs. Manufactured from super soft foam for extra comfort, these ear plugs reduce 32 decibels of sound and are available for less than $10. For more information visit www.hearos.com.

RiveDrill Makes Riveting Easy
This innovative new tool from Performance Bodies easily converts cordless, electric, and pneumatic drills into blind rivet guns and allows operators to set up twice as many as can be set by standard handtools. The RiveDrill can be quickly inserted into a 3/8-inch reversible power drill like a standard drill bit. It is able to set any standard blind rivet up to 3/16-inch aluminum. The shank of the rivet is expelled when the drill is operated in the "reverse" mode. For more information contact Performance Bodies at 800/722-4641 or visit www.performancebodies.com.

Find that Leak
In order to deliver a tool with high quality and performance, Moroso asked top engine builders and race teams to give their input during development of its new cylinder leak down tester. The result is a precision instrument utilizing all top-of-the-line components. This cylinder leak down tester is calibrated for high accuracy and repeatability and comes with a 14mm adapter long, 14mm and 18mm adapters short, a tapered plug adapter, and whip lines. It's all housed in a stand-up black powder-coated steel case to make taking readings easier while protecting the components themselves. For more information contact Moroso at 203/ 453-6571or visit www.moroso.com.

RHS Aluminum LS Race Block
RHS' new all-aluminum LS Race Block is designed for added clearance and mass customization. Available in both standard (9.240-inch) and tall (9.750-inch) deck heights with an extra-thick deck surface (0.750-inch), this RHS block features a raised cam centerline and priority main oiling via an oil galley that is shifted outboard to allow rod clearance for a much larger stroke (4.600-inch) while also minimizing windage in the crankcase. Using computer-aided design, the cylinder walls are Siamese cast with press-in spun cast-iron liners. Cylinder liners are available in both standard deck (5.67-inch/5.87-inch-same as the LS7) and tall deck (5.94-inch/6.38-inch) lengths. Also featured is a six-bolt head design with a full water jacket around each cylinder (based on the LS7 design). For quality control assurance, RHS performs a CT scan on each block. For more information contact RHS at 877/776-4323, or visit www.racingheadservice.com.