Sprint Car Steering
In regards to your request for information on axle-mounted rack-and-pinion steering in a Sprint Car, I suggest that you take a look at this website, http://www.hyperracing.com and have a look at its catalog and tech department, lots of excellent information. We have had tremendous success on some of the many dirt Micro-sprint tracks in central PA (Trailway, Path Valley, Lanco) in the past few years in our 600cc Hyper Micro-sprint with this type of steering.

I can't really see a good reason for running anything else. I will say though, that I did enjoy the days when we raced pavement cars with independent front suspension and I would spend literally hundreds of hours working with bumpsteer, moment centers, camber, Ackermann, and all that fun stuff. The tech articles in Circle Track were a tremendous help then, but I digress.

The owner of Hyper Racing, Mike Dicely, is an engineer by training and a genuinely nice guy. If you ever felt the need, I'm sure he would be more than happy to speak with you and provide you with any information you desire. I believe he also experimented with a push rod design on a Sprint Car

I have always enjoyed Circle Track and your tech articles and am very pleased to see the increased focus on Open Wheel racing, keep up the good work. Bob Spicer, Crew Chief for Robbie Kendall Racing #55k 600cc Micro-sprint Baltimore, MD

Bob, thanks for writing. This confirms that there are other ways to slice the cake. When we look at what others have done and the logic in these changes, it makes lots of sense. You mention the rack steering, independent front suspension, and the push rod design, all being not only innovative, but representing a known improvement.

Now maybe the major car builders will come out with a new design "all their own" and we can finally have a Sprint Car that drives well and provides better competition. It won't diminish the excitement of Sprint Car racing, it will just make it better for the drivers.

We deal with a lot of different kinds of circle-track racing and I know we get away from Open Wheel racing a bit, but your letter reminds us that we need to address Sprint Car and Modified racing more often.