Toe Plates $54.99
Loyal Circle Track readers know that chassis guru Bob Bolles preaches the importance of knowing your toe-in. Toe plates make finding it out quick and easy.

Tire Chalk $2.99
Silver sharpies might be cool for signing autographs in the pits, but tire chalk is really the ideal choice for marking tires after they've been mounted.

Pro-Tek Tire Siper $79.99
Another bigger ticket item that is a must-have for any dirt racer is a tire siper. Check out the Oct. '08 issue of Circle Track for an in depth story of the importance of tire preparation.

Grooving Iron $59.99
This 250 watt Pistol Grip Grooving iron goes hand in hand with the Tire Siper. It comes complete with the head and package of No. 4 blades. That Oct. '08 story will also tell you the difference between grooving and siping and when each should be used.

Standard Tire Air Gauge $22.99
Who can race without one? Not us, and neither should you. At $23 it's a bargain and will tell any short tracker exactly what he needs to know when checking tire pressures. No need for expensive NASCAR units at our level.

Fuel Funnel $12.99
With the cost of race fuel today, don't risk spilling even a drop. Day's fuel funnels are perfect and economical.

Pro-Tek Utility Jug $19.99
And when you need to store that fuel, or any other fluid for that matter, turn to this month's cover jugs . . . they're great for storage of liquids.

Pro-Tek Siphon Pump $14.99
Sticking with the fuel and fluid theme, don't forget the Pro-Tek Siphon Pump. Unless you can pick up a drum and pour it into one of those utility jugs, this pump may be handy.

Caster Camber Gauge W/ Adapter $129.99
Bolles will also tell you that a good quality caster camber gauge is a vital tool for setting up your car. The one offered by Day is accurate to 1/4-degree, and includes a magnetic adapter and storage case.

Self Powered Timing Light $49.99
Every racer, regardless of his level, should have a timing light. A self powered one is quick, simple, and makes setting your timing a snap.

Rivet Gun $59.99
A rivet gun is a necessity in the shop as well as the track regardless of what you race. Especially if you race dirt where replacing body panels can be a monthly or weekly activity.

Hand Riveter $9.99
Don't want to spend the $60 on that rivet gun? Day's $10 hand riveter will fit the bill and is great for quick and easy repairs at the track where you might not have an air compressor.

Pro-Tek Engine Lift Plate $13.99
Here's another quote from the boys at Day regarding their engine lift plate, "You would not enjoy changing your engine without one." Nuff said.

Pro-Tek Dead Blow Hammer $9.99
"Come on, every man can use a hammer!" Nuff said, part 2.

Oil Filter Cutter $49.99
The Oct. '07 issue of Circle Track had a story in it called "Read Your Filter, Save Your Engine" that talked of the importance of checking your oil for debris that could be an indicator of a failing motor. Dig out that issue, then buy this $50 oil filter cutter. We guarantee it will be way easier and cheaper than fixing a blown motor.

Remote Starter Button $19.99
A remote starter button makes setting the valves a one man job, plus it looks really cool.

Valve Lash Wrench $21.99
Speaking of setting valves, a valve lash wrench will make adjusting the lash a snap.

StopWatch $27.99
Sure you could use the second hand on your watch, but for less than $30 do you really want to?

Day MotorSports T-Shirt $12.99
Now you don't really think that Dan, Wayne, and the rest of the Day Motorsports gang would let us get away with putting this list together without including a Day Motorsports T-shirt did you? Yeah, neither did we.

Well, there you have our basic list. We spent a grand total of $1,046.03 and if you don't do any of your own engine work you could cross off the Remote Starter Button and Valve Lash Wrench and be right at one grand.