Now to the fun part. We asked Dan and the guys to throw a few bones our way and let us know some key tools and equipment the racer might need if he had some spare cash the wife doesn't know about. So here goes.

Accuset scales with 12-inch pads $938.99
No, these aren't cheap, but a good set of scales are an absolute must if you want to have a front running car.

Accuset scales with 15-inch pads $1,039.99
If you prefer a larger pad, for $80 more you can step up to the 15, which is perfect if you run a class with wide tires like a Dirt Late Model.

Pro-Tek Foldable Engine Stand $39.99
A foldable engine stand is not only ideal for storing engines in the trailer and/or shop, but since you can fold it down, it stores easily when not in use.

Dual Function Pyrometer $199.99
One of the things Project DLM team did on the evening of its first win was take tire temperatures. A Dual Function Pyrometer is great for monitoring tire, brake, and exhaust temperatures.

Durometer & Tire Tread Depth Gauge Set $77.99
We wish more racers would go out and buy a good quality durometer/tire depth gauge. They're invaluable for getting the best use out of your tires.

Spark Plug Flashlight $38.99
How many well-lit short track pit areas have you been to? We know it's a half-mile but Bristol Motor Speedway doesn't count. This nifty little tool makes reading plugs easy in dark pits easy.

Van Alstine Tire Groover $389.99
Personal testimony from the Project DLM team will tell you that the Van Alstine Tire Groover makes quick work of grooving two or even three sets of tires for an evening of racing.

Van Alstine Heated Siper $189.99
This HOT (pun intended) new product has taken tire siping to a new level. The heated blades make siping a tire as easy as slicing warm butter.

Well, there you have it folks. Including the upgrades we've still only spent $2,915.92. That's a pretty healthy list for being under $3,000. Don't ya think? CT