Combo SBC/LS1 Flow Testing Plate

Brzezinski Racing Products, Inc. has just introduced a combination fixture that will flow test both the traditional Small Block Chevy and the LS1-style cylinder heads. This aluminum fixture will fit the popular Brzezinski Flow Testing Stand, allowing you to flow test quickly with more accuracy. It's like getting two fixtures for the price of one! That price being an economical $329. The Small Block Chevy/LS1 Combination Slider comes anodized, steel thread inserts are installed, and head location dowel pins are supplied. For more information contact Brzezinski at 262/246-8577 or visit

D-Lux Locker Assembly Tool

DRP Products just introduced its new deluxe locker assembly tool. The updated tool is essential to properly installing Detroit Locker-style differentials and includes a quick handle for compressing and releasing locker tension. It also features a billet aluminum base for firm holding in your vise or mounting to your work bench. Stainless steel threaded rod and durable black anodized retainers make a good tool great! Only 11/4 inch tall when laid flat to fit in your tool box drawer, the Deluxe Locker Assembly Tool retails for $219 but is also available without the base and handle for $129. For more information contact DRP at 888/399-6074 or visit

Ford ASCS 360 Manifold

Kinsler Fuel Injection recently introduced its new manifold for the Ford 360 ASCS engine. The 100 percent new design features five axis CNC machined runners providing exact and equal airflow and velocity to each cylinder. The manifold comes in a three-piece design with valley plate for 8.2-, 9.2-, 9.5-inch, or custom deck height of your choosing. In addition you can choose from magnesium or aluminum castings.

Check Those Tires

PTC Instruments' Racing Division recently announced the release of its Model 306RL Racing Tire Durometer. This high-quality durometer provides ease of use obtaining accurate and repeatable tire hardness measurements. The Model 306RL meets or exceeds all of the ASTM D2240 standards for durometers and features a large rectangular base and a memory hand to simplify data taking. Calibration is traceable to NIST and A2LA-accredited calibrations are available. PTC has a 60-year history of manufacturing quality industrial testing instruments right here in the USA. The Model 306RL has a special introductory price of $399.95 which includes a carrying case and belt pouch. For more information contact PTC at 310/478-1134 or visit

Pump It Up

Weldon Racing Pumps' new 9200-A oil-transfer pump can be used for either transmissions or differentials to keep them cool under harsh racing conditions. Flow rate for the 9200-A is 30 gallons per hour of 300-degree F 80-90W differential gear oil or ATF. At 3 pounds and measuring 2.50x5.40-inches, the weight and dimensions of the 9200-A are compact while the current draw is only 5.5 amps. Built with 100 percent metallic components and blades that self-compensate for wear, the 9200-A is compatible with all types of hot oils, resistant to contamination, and is fully serviceable/repairable. Retailing for $390, you can find more information by contacting Weldon at 440/232-2282 or visiting