If we arrange our control arm angles, from a side view, for anti-dive, then as the car dives, the upper BJ would move to the rear and the bottom BJ would move to the front. Since the braking forces are in the opposite direction, there is a serious resistant force created which prevents the front suspension from moving too quickly.

The amount of resistance is directly related to the degree of side view angle we put in our control arms. The left side suspension usually is designed with about half the angles of the right side in a conventional design. For the Big Bar, Soft Spring setups, teams often introduce Pro-dive into the left front suspension to encourage rapid dive on entry to get the left front down quickly.

Anti-squat results from the third link trying to straighten out, or become more horizontal, as the car accelerates and the rear end desires to rotate. The more third link angle you have, the more anti-squat there is. The lateral location of the third link can affect the distribution of load among the two rear tires that results from acceleration and anti-squat.

10. Aero Package The last thing you need to worry about is your aero package. I'm not saying this is not important to some degree, but on short tracks I would stress that aero downforce is overrated in most cases.

The reason I say that with confidence is because I've gone up against more aero-efficient cars with setups and body configurations that were aero-deficient and still outran them. Still, teams want the most they can get out of their cars, and if all of the aforementioned nine items are in order, by all means, go ahead with aero tweaking.

Try to understand how aero downforce is created and then configure your car so that you take advantage of every area where you could produce more downforce. Remember that drag is an important aspect of aero design. Don't seek aero downforce at the expense of aero drag increase.

Conclusion If you've been diligent in maximizing these 10 areas of most concern, then you're well on your way to a successful season. Remember that success comes in all forms. Advancing your finishes over last season is a good first step.

Don't think that just your improved setup will lead quickly to victory lane. Improve your finishing position by learning how to pass and advance. Once you're used to the new and improved setup we've led you to, you might find yourself holding the checkered flag.

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