Attach the ground strap to the cylinder head with a 31/48-inch bolt.

The power steering pump bracket attaches to the front of the block with its own hardware. No water pump bolts must be removed on this side.

Like the alternator, the power steering pump attaches to the bracket with two included bolts. The lower bolt is difficult to reach with a wrench, but the pulley is open, making it easy to tighten the bolt with a speed handle.

Now you can install the belt that drives both the water pump and the power steering pump. Notice that we have already removed the belt that was to be used when racing without a power steering pump. Since it can swivel in its bracket, the power steering pump is used as the tensioner.

The alternator belt rides in front of the water pump belt on the water pump pulley, so it goes on second.

RCR includes an HEI distributor from MSD that features an internal rev limiter and includes all the necessary hardware to run with or without vacuum advance. Before installing the distributor, pull the cap and use a heavy grease on the distributor gear. Turn the crank until the timing pointer is at the firing position for the No. 1 cylinder (usually 30-33 degrees BTDC) and install the distributor, with the rotor pointing in the general direction of the No. 1 cylinder.