To bolt on the fuel pump, you will also need a fuel pump mounting plate. We used Mr. Gasket's PN 1514. Here, a little gasket prep compound is added to the mounting plate gasket to improve the seal against the block, which has a few nicks and dings.

You will need two 11/44-20 bolts for the bottom of the fuel pump mounting plate, but the hardware to mount the pump is included.

The crank pulley uses this locator tab, which centers off the harmonic damper hole. A new crankshaft bolt is also included.

Next, the drive hub fits over the locator tab to ensure that it is centered and then bolts directly to the damper.

Before continuing with the crank pulley, take a moment to bolt the water pump pulley in place with the hardware included.

The crank pulley uses two 0.020-inch shims to place it in line with the water pump pulley. If you aren't running the power steering pump portion of the kit, there is no adjuster for the water pump belt, which must be put on at the same time that the crank pulley is installed.