There are many tools on the market that will help you manage tires. These tools include air pressure gauges, tire tapes, and other tools for measuring the parameters that are important for good tire management. Measuring the outside circumference of the tires is critical. The difference in the diameter of the tires at each axle is called stagger, which helps turn the car. As the cars only turn left, and Sprint cars do not have differentials, the difference in the diameter of the right rear and the left rear helps turn the car. It is critical that you have a good way to get a quality measurement of this dimension.

There are multiple tools you can use for measuring a tire's temperature. Infrared tire pyrometers are very simple to use. You just point the gun at the surface you want to measure, pull the trigger, and the temperature shows up on a digital display on the gun. It is that simple. Tire pyrometers that use a probe that you actually press into the surface of the tire offer a digital display on the handheld unit that shows the temperature.

Of course, there is the old standby, which consists of just placing your hand on the tire and feeling the temperature. This is not a method I recommend, as it is just not that accurate, at least from a recording perspective, and there are limits. The threshold of human pain from heat is 140 degrees F. A higher temperature could burn your hand. (Tires can get as hot as 285 degrees F.)

Tire management is a rather basic process. The tools are not all that complex, and results can be incredibly profitable for you as a racer. Proper tire management could be the difference between winning and just being a participant. Tires will remain very important to the racer. Tire management is more than just buying new tires. You have to learn to manage this resource after the purchase so that you get the maximum value and speed from this important part of the race car.