Shark Air Inforcer HelmetDesigned after one of our more popular helmets, the Shark Air Inforcer features an innovative top-forced air system for directing air to the face. The Air Inforcer is designed to be used with In-Car Fresh Air Systems, providing maximum airflow where seat and head room are at a premium.

Shark Air Inforcer Product Features
The Shark is designed to be used with top-forced air systems. Six strategically placed air inlets direct air to the forehead and crown, keeping the head dry and cool. It has an innovative and stylish low-profile top cap for maximum head room.The Shark is made in the USA and is Snell 2005 certified. It has a lightweight carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass composite shell. The chin flap creates positive pressure to eliminate contaminated air and helps control fogging. The EPS liner is fitted with form-fitting CarbonX(r).

The Shark comes in the following colors: white (standard), black, flat black, silver, red, blue, and yellow. There is a full size range from Jr. to 811/48. A Clear Shield is standard, and optional dark replacement shields are available.

Diamond Back
The look is aggressive and mean. If Simpson's reputation for having the safest helmets on the track doesn't draw you in, then the Diamond Back's futuristic design elements surely will. The large eyeport has been designed to contour the face, and contrasting vents add color and style to the air ram ducts.

The Diamond Back has a composite shell composed of a lightweight carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass. It has a unique diamond-pattern crown design, and the chin air ram ducts with contrasting vent screens provide superb air circulation. The design utilizes aerodynamic counter measures (ACM) for increased stability in open-wheel applications. The helmet is Snell 2005 certified.

Emergency helmet-removal systems are available for all Simpson Helmets. Colors include: white with red contrasting vents; black with red contrasting vents; flat black with red contrasting vents; silver with black contrasting vents; red with black contrasting vents; blue with black contrasting vents; and yellow with black contrasting vents.

The Diamond is available in a full size range from Jr. to 811/48. It comes with a standard Clear Shield. Optional dark replacement shields are available.

The Valor Helmet with V-Aero(tm) Technology is unmatched for stability at high speeds. This helmet is designed for open-wheel racing, Sprint, and Indy. It is also well-suited to Karting.

The sleek design, proper balance, and weight make the Valor helmet very user-friendly. The V-Aero(tm) Technology improves the flow of air over and around the helmet. The helmet has a lower drag coefficient and resists lifting and buffeting. The built-in downforce chime helps to counteract lifting, which can be a problem in some forms of racing.

The Valor features Competition Coatings,(tm) which is an improvement in the manufacturing process that strengthens chip resistance. Competition Coatings(tm) is an improvement in the bond between the shell primer and the finish paint. The result is a chip-resistant finish with unsurpassed gloss, durability, and chemical resistance. This process is applied to all Simpson helmets, giving them a tough and lasting finish.

OTW Shorty Crew Helmet
Simpson offers the Over the Wall Shorty helmet with a Carbon X interior. This helmet will pass DOT impact and penetration testing. The lightweight outer shell has made this helmet a popular choice for racing crewmembers.

The helmet is equipped with a four-way adjustable strap to accommodate headset use while maintaining a secure fit. Top gills and additional venting provide better cooling. A three-hole visor reduces glare. The O-T-W Shorty is available in either white or black.


Wow, those are some very cool helmets and accessories. With all of the safety innovations available, we can now have a more impact-resistant piece that is fire-resistant, lighter, more aero efficient, and cooler. If you haven't upgraded your helmet lately, maybe it's time to re-evaluate how valuable your head is to both you and your family. With all of these great choices, there are no good excuses for not wrapping your brain in modern protective gear.`1

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