The G-Force Racing Gear Pro Force Junior helmet is a new release for 2006. The younger racers and the parents who support them have asked for a lighter helmet, and G-Force has delivered. For many racers, some younger than 5 years old, wearing a helmet with less weight is critical for the underdeveloped neck and shoulders.

The Pro Force Junior helmet has a smaller shell, and the inner liner grows with the child. Children's racing programs have become the little league of the new age. Instead of buying a new helmet for each step of the driver's growth, just switch the crown liner and the check pads and presto-a larger helmet! These helmets all come standard with a multi-stage pad set. With all pads installed, the helmet is a child's small; remove one set for a child's medium; and remove both pads to obtain child's large sizing.

Some adult helmet features are also utilized in this design. The downforce chin bar provides stability and styling. All internal seams are reverse-stitched for driver comfort. The mass air movement G-Flow ventilation system moves cool air through the chin bar and evacuates hot air at the top and rear of the driver's head for a great cooling effect.

To withstand the abuse of a weekend at the racetrack, this helmet has been built with the parents in mind. All lines are simple and clean with no plastic pieces to break or lose.

The interior of this helmet is made with a proprietary CoolTec soft-knit, flame-retardant liner, which is hypoallergenic and comfortable on the skin. Keep the little ones stylish and cool with a G-Force Racing Gear Junior helmet today!

Impact Racing

Air Draft
The Air Draft(tm) helmet utilizes Impact's new solution to air induction, which provides air conditioning, antifog, and a system that reduces air contamination inside the helmet. The use of the latest in technology, performance, and function resulted in this handmade, ultra-lightweight helmet.

The venturi cowl induction circulates air around the head through whisper channels while creating positive air pressure that prevents contaminated air from entering the helmet. The result: cool, clean air and a clear shield all race long.

The shell construction features proprietary American space-age composites for an ultra-light helmet. "Ripple Effect" boundary-layer aerodynamic features incorporated in the shell construction stabilize the helmet in high-speed airflow.

The extended chin foil captures downward airflow to reduce helmet lift and buffeting. The helmet has a Gray Matter(tm) liner (Impact's intelligent single-piece variable-density liner upholstered with a lightweight fire-resistant fabric and interchangeable cheek pads for a custom fit) and a fire-resistant Kevlar chinstrap with locking dual D-ring design.

A 0.125-inch Clear Shield comes standard with a three-position detent. Tint shades include Smoke, Light Smoke, Iridium, and Amber.

Mini Champ
Finding and fitting a helmet for your constantly growing 5- to 10-year-old racer just got simpler. The Mini Vapor(tm) and the Mini Champ(tm) youth helmets, with Quick Fit Inserts (QFI), is designed to grow with your young racer all the way to adult size.

The Quick-Fit memory foam sizing pads (included) makes fitting and refitting the Mini Vapor(tm) or Mini Champ(tm) fast and easy. A single Mini Vapor(tm)/Mini Champ(tm) helmet fits youth sizes small, medium, and large. You can even custom shape the inserts for hard-to-fit or in-between sizes.

The Mini Vapor(tm) and Mini Champ(tm) youth helmets are SFI 24.1 approved (youth helmet standard) for QMA, WKA, NHRA, and IKF use. They also feature an expanded chin bar design and interchangeable cheek pads for a custom fit.

Super Sport
From the wide eyeport design to the perfect fit and feel, the Super Sport is at home in any race car cockpit.

The SS features a wide panoramic eyeport, a hand-laminated composite shell for a lightweight helmet, slotted forehead vents, and a slick "narrow aero" design.

Chin bar vents allow fresh air intake and helps prevent exhaled air from fogging the shield. The Gray Matter(tm) liner, Impact's intelligent single-piece variable-density liner, is upholstered with a lightweight fire-resistant fabric and interchangeable cheek pads for a custom fit.

A 0.125-inch thick clear shield comes standard on the SS with three-position detent. Smoke, Iridium, and Amber shield tints are available.

Tear-off posts and metal shield pivot hardware are included as well. The SS has a fire-resistant Kevlar chin strap with locking dual D-rings.