The S2R is an aggressively styled, full chin bar helmet with an open feel. This new Racer Series helmet features a light Fiber-Tech shell, an extra-large eye opening, a Carbon X interior, venturi chin bar ventilation, and an aggressively styled sun visor that can be adjusted in multiple positions.

The S2R combines the added protection of a full-face helmet with the feel of an open-face model. It is an excellent choice for all closed car forms of racing, including sports car, oval track, and autocross. The helmet is Snell SA 2005 certified and available in white in the sizes S, M, L, and XL.

Turbo Air Fan
A self-contained, rechargeable turbo air fan ventilation system kit has been added to Bell Racing's '06 product line. Our rechargeable, battery-powered turbo air kit is an alternative for drivers who want ventilation without the need for a complete forced air helmet and expensive system. This factory-installed system is available in most full-face models and provides about four hours of run-time on a single charge before totally depleting the batteries.

The fan and battery system is self-contained and can be installed into the face piece of the helmet. The system can be turned on and off with a simple waterproof on/off button installed into the front face piece for easy access. The kit comes with a recharging cord that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It takes about three hours to fully recharge the battery system.

The fans are designed to help reduce shield fogging and provide comfort in high-temperature environments by helping to evaporate perspiration from the face to help cool the driver. The turbo air kit has been approved by Snell for installation into Bell's full-face helmets. The system can be ordered through Bell distributors and must be factory-installed.

Srv Shield Friction System
Bell's new SRV friction shield system has a slide mechanism that allows the driver to adjust the tension on the shield, making multiple opening positions possible. When properly adjusted and in the locked position, the SRV system helps reduce the possibility of the shield opening during an impact.

The SRV system will be incorporated into the Dominator, Vortex, Vortex FA, and Vortex TFA Ultra Series helmets. It will also be incorporated into the M3, GTX, M4 Pro, and M3 Xtra Pro Series helmets. The new Racer Series BR-1 will also feature the SRV system.


Pro Force One
The Pro Force One is top-of-the-line when it comes to cost efficiency and unmatched quality. This European-styled, simple, clean look is what many of today's racers are going for. If you need to update your style and/or your Snell standards, the Force One has it all.

The Z38 Kevlar/Fiberglass composite shell is lightweight for the short runs or daylong events. The G-Flow ventilation system allows fresh air intake and siphons heated air from the driver's helmet for easy evacuation.

The inner liner is made from soft-knit nylon that is comfortable to the skin. All full-face helmets come with a SpecFit channel designed into the liner to secure and center the user's eyewear.

The helmet is equipped with an optically correct, quick-interchange ProFit shield. All full-face G-Force Racing Gear Force Series helmets come equipped with mounting points for the G-Force Racing Gear SRS-1 Helmet Restraint System.

Pro Force One Graphix
Custom-painted style is now available to the racer at off-the-shelf pricing. The G-Force Racing Gear Force One Graphix helmet is the most eye-catching SA2005 helmet on the market today. Our yellow/orange/red super flame design accents the checkered flag trim for a dramatic custom look.

Pro Force Air
G-Force Racing Gear has teamed with Fresh Air Systems Technologies to create the best airflow helmet. Pair the Pro Force Air helmet with a powerful cooled-air system to change the way you can endure those heated events.

The interior airflow can be tuned by using the chin bar plugs for restricted or fully open airflow. The Pro Force Air helmet comes standard with the G-Flow ventilation system for the evacuation of heated air to provide an even more intense cooling effect. The eyeport is shielded by an optically correct ProFit shield.

The inner liner is made from hypoallergenic CoolTec flame-retardant material for wearer comfort. The Kevlar chin strap fastens the helmet down with added durability.