Protex Catch Bolt Latches
One of the best latches to use on a race car to hold body sections together is the Protex Catch Bolt latch. It is a self-locking, sliding bolt latch that aligns the panels both laterally and vertically. It is especially useful for fiberglass or carbon-fiber molded body parts because access is continual and security is a must.

Some series are opting for pre-molded identical body parts so that aero "cheating" cannot be done. The body parts fit together so that the shape of each body is nearly identical.

Since the parts have molded-in recesses and tongues, they can only go together one way. Replacement parts are guaranteed to fit without excess cutting and shaping. These latches are used to hold the entire body together.

In conventional stock cars, there are uses that fit the design of these latches, such as securing a dirt Late Model fender so that it can be easily replaced between heats if it is damaged.

Even pit cart hatches can be secured with these latches when heavy parts must be contained by a secure attachment. How many times has a pit cart door flung open during transport in the trailer? This locking latch would prevent all of that damage.

Chew-Glu, a Two-Part Gum Adhesive
Last but not least is one of the most innovative inventions to date. It is the two-part Chew-Glu gum adhesives for attaching wires or parts quickly when more time-consuming methods don't work. For the team whose car is held together with chewing gum and bailing wire, this adhesive will take you to the next level.

A team member needs to only carry the two separate gum strips, one red and the other white. When the need arises, put both into your mouth. As you chew the two pieces, your saliva will cause a non-toxic reaction that will cause the gum to harden into a semi-permanent, strong-holding adhesive that cures in about three minutes.

No more searching for bulky tubes or mixing messy two-part epoxy gels that are hard to remove from fingers and clothing. Just pop these into your mouth and gum-glue that broken fender mount or dangling wire.

One more thing about Chew-Glu . . . April Fools. Yes, this is the May issue of CT, but it is released well before April 1 so it will give you a chance to think of someone you can pull this on when that day arrives. There is no such thing as Chew-Glu, but don't you think there needs to be? Hey, all you chemists out there who read CT-get busy and invent.

Be sure to carefully study all those specialty fastener catalogs, because the industry is always improving the way we attach things. All of theses various parts are designed to make your racing life a little easier. When you get ready to buy, contact your local race parts supplier. They will have them in stock or they can order them for you. If they have never heard of the part, you just might make them aware of a new and useful product that all of their customers could utilize.

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