QA1 has taken its best selling stock mount shocks and made them even better. The 53 Series is the upgraded version of the FC Series and features a brand-new body which is 100 percent made in-house and designed with enhanced internal gas bag clearance.

The 53 Series is the hot setup for Southern Sport Mods, stock cars, and Limited Modifieds. Specific valvings are also available for Southern Sport Mods to promote weight transfer and increase traction.

QA1’s 53 Series Shock features include 21/16-inch steel twin tube body, stock mounts, deflective disc valving, as well as linear valving. They are non-fading, racer rebuildable and re-valveable. Plus custom valving is available and each shock is 100-percent dyno tested

Additional piston options are also available. QA1 offers a brand-new high-flow linear two-port piston for the 51 and 53 Series Shocks as an additional accessory. This two-port piston design allows the valve discs to open consistently which results in a smoother force curve and accommodates independent compression and rebound bleed circuits for precision low-speed force control. Like all QA1 shocks these are also made in the USA.

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