Do you have a trailer? Sure, we all do! And I’ll bet the floor of your trailer takes a beating. I know mine does!

OK, enough with the infomercial. But in all reality, the deck surface of most race trailer, especially dirt racers’ trailers can take quite a beating. Sure, the big rigs of many of the touring Late Models are spotless, but that’s not who we’re talking about. The open trailers and small, enclosed trailers that you see at every racetrack on every Saturday night across this great nation go through hell on a regular basis. After all, they are meant to be workhorses, right? What if you could spend a day or two coating the surfaces that see the most wear and tear, making your trailer a lot tougher and a lot nicer in the process? Where do I sign up, right?

This product does actually exist, and it’s fairly easy to do in your driveway. Al’s Liners make coatings designed to take the abuse your trailer floor sees and then some. Al’s Liners is a DIY urethane/acrylic bed liner that is highly customizable, cost effective, and extremely durable. Each kit comes with just about everything you need to coat the bed of your pick-up, floor of your trailer, or just about anything else that needs a super-durable coating. The contents come premeasured making it very hard to screw up. The coating can be sprayed or rolled on depending on what you are coating and the environment the application is taking place in. Follow along as we add a great looking, ultra-durable coating to the floor of our race trailer.

Al's Liner