The weight game is one racers play every day—but none more so than the days when a team is building a new car or upgrading an existing one. Even though most rulebooks have a minimum weight, every ounce saved off of parts or pieces can be moved to lead and positioned exactly where you need it on the race car to help maximize handling.

Although it was previously the domain of NHRA and NASCAR Cup teams, lightweight hoses for plumbing a race car has become more and more popular among racers at all levels—especially as the prices become more reasonable.

We recently worked with Hargett Racing as the team updated its Dirt Late Model race car during the offseason. One of the changes it made was to upgrade most of the plumbing to XRP's lightweight XR-31 lines. The benefit for us was since this isn't a brand-new car, it was already plumbed with standard steel braided line. And that gave us the opportunity to weigh both the old plumbing and the new to see just how much weight Hargett Racing could cut.

XRP's XR-31 hose saves weight over a conventional steel braided hose by substituting high-strength nylon for the steel wire. The nylon is even abrasion resistant. It doesn't resist abrasion as well as a steel braid, but if you've got stuff rubbing against your hoses—steel, nylon, or otherwise—that needs to be fixed regardless. In the center of the wrap is something XRP calls an “imbedded textile middle layer” which helps the hose withstand pressure, and the inner liner is a chemical-resistant synthetic rubber that is also pressure resistant while smooth enough to promote efficient fluid flow through the tube. A nylon-jacketed hose also has the additional advantage of being more flexible so that you have more routing options without running the risk of kinking the hose.

Follow along as we chronicle the installation of all new XRP XR-31 hoses on this Dirt Late Model. Like all racers who have been in the game any length of time, Hargett Racing has developed its own methods that work when it comes to building hoses, but nothing leaked when we fired up the engine, so that should be worth something.

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