Hybrid SBC
World Products’ revised Motown LS “hybrid” block provides engine builders the opportunity to combine high-flowing, efficient cylinder head and intake systems for General Motors “Gen III” LS-series applications with the superior bottom-end and lower component costs of the venerable “Gen I” small-block Chevy. Designed to accommodate OEM and aftermarket LS-Series cylinder heads, World’s Motown LS block provides a “best of both worlds” combination, eliminating the drawbacks of the Y-block design used in the LS. The Motown LS blocks also have priority main oiling and expanded water jackets for better cooling. Standard small-block Chevy motor mounts and bellhousing pattern are utilized, making this an easy bolt-in path to serious power. Call 877/630-6651 or visit www.worldcastings.com for more info.

Easy Greasy
These bearing greasers make greasing your inner bearings quick, simple, and mess-free. Simply remove the outer bearing, insert the greaser and screw onto the spindle snout, pump grease into the grease fittings, and you’re done. No need to remove the caliper, hub, or seal. Ideal for greasing bearings before a long race. Visit www.colemanracing.com for more information.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered
QA1 is excited to now offer the first sealed stock mount monotube available with custom valving—the 23 Series. Available in 2013, the new 23 Series features a precision machined bearing mount and can be custom valved at QA1’s Minnesota facility. Packaged in sealed stock mount configuration, the 23 Series gives racers the great benefit of the larger 46mm piston for increased car control, while featuring precision valving that holds tighter tolerances than other brands on the market. The 23 Series shocks is a great choice for dirt and asphalt classes that require a sealed shock. For more info on the 23 Searies and all of QA1’s other shock options, visit www.qa1.net.

The Pressure Is On
Longacre Racing Products now offers a very accurate digital tire gauge at an affordable price. It has a 21/2-inch face with large, easy-to-read numbers and displays to 1/10-pound with 1/2 of 1 percent accuracy. The gauge features a long 17-inch hi-flex hose, an air release bleed button and can be ordered with either a swiveling ball or angle chuck.

To conserve battery life, it has a built-in auto off. When the batteries do run out, racers can easily replace with AAA batteries purchased at the corner grocery store. For more information about Longacre’s new 0-60 psi digital tire gauge, please contact your Longacre dealer or visit www.longacreracing.com.

Getting A Grip
PowerTrain Technology recently announced its 5.5-inch and 7.25-inch Power-V Racing Clutches are now available with a new and improved sintered bronze metallic clutch friction material. PTT’s proprietary new friction material has better clutch engagement characteristics, and a positive feel. The micro-finished friction surface requires no bedding-in when first installed, and increases clutch life by reducing wear on mating parts. The sintered bronze metallic material has been custom blended for use with a variety of import and domestic automotive circle track, road racing, and rally racing applications. Standard material thicknesses of 0.105-inch, 0.200-inch, and 0.250-inch are available. More information about PowerTrain Technology products is available at: www.powertraintech.com/Files/Products.html, or call 847/458-2323.

Extra Cushion
Ever wonder what happens to many race car components when the chassis is continually bottomed out? Damage—that’s what! Allstar Performance’s engine mount spacers are made from a unique material that will not let the engine vibrate under normal conditions, yet they “give” a little during bottoming out, easing life a bit on engine and driveline components. The 1/4-inch-thick spacers are 11/2-inch OD and have a 1/2-inch hole. They are sold in a package of two. For more info, contact Allstar Performance at 269/463-8000 or visit www.allstarperformance.com.