Wondering how we went from installing a really nice and pre-bent Competition Engineering 'cage kit to bending our own hoops? Enter Lowbuck Tools and the company's awesome Lowbuck Hydraulic Tubing Bender.

Built for anyone looking to bend tubing without the hassle and expense of a gigantic setup (that would be us!), the Lowbuck bender comes pre-assembled and ready to work right out of the box.

To use it, Pete literally pulled it out of the box, placed in on the floor of our makeshift chassis shop, and started bending. At $510, it certainly lived up to its name and, along with the Lowbuck notcher that we showed you last time and a band saw that we borrowed from a friend (thanks Marc), we were able to bend, notch, cut, and weld almost anything we can think of, without having to shell out our hard-earned, and much needed, cash to a real chassis shop. Anyway, enough about the cool stuff, let's get to work!