The RaceQuip SA2010 Full Face helmet is an all new design that incorporates prepreg construction based on steel tooling. In this process, the optimum ratio of resin is impregnated into the composite fabric (a combination of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and FRP) prior to molding.

Next, the prepreg is forced into the steel mold using vacuum pressure, then oven cured to precise thermal specifications. This manufacturing technique eliminates excess resin weight and ensures uniform shell thickness while leaving the outer surface smooth and blemish free. The shell is then mated to an expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner to create a modern lightweight helmet design.

The RaceQuip Snell SA2010 Full Face helmet is loaded with many features you would expect to find in a helmet costing much more. These features include a lightweight composite shell, aluminum pivot kit with an adjustable friction lock, plus a silicone shield gasket to keep out dirt and dust.

Dirt racers will especially like the fact that all the vent holes have been removed from the front of the helmet. A wide eyeport provides great peripheral vision and allows for the use of personal eyewear. The distortion-free, low-fog polycarbonate faceshield is a full 3 mm thick and comes with eight positions and hand ratcheting tear-off posts.

Of course, the SA spec means that both the helmet’s paint and interior are fire retardant so it’s suitable for use in the highest forms of auto racing competition. The helmet incorporates a Kevlar chin strap for strength, a comfort-fit blended Nomex interior for great feel, and pre-drilled holes for easier installation of head-and-neck restraint anchors.

Wrap all these features in a lightweight aero design composite shell for just $249, and the result is the outstanding value delivered by RaceQuip.

The Simpson Air Inforcer Shark helmet has all new styling with attitude according to the company. The Snell SA2010-rated helmet’s design features a stylish top cap designed for better pipe placement and a low profile for multiple roof/driver height, a newly designed shield pivot system, and a newly designed shield latch that opens with ease.

The recessed eye port offers a 100-percent shield seal. This helmet is designed to be head-and-neck restraint compatible, and radio communications are available. The unit is shipped complete with two 3mm shields (clear and smoke) and includes a helmet bag. Best of all it’s made in the USA.

However for its 2011 offerings, Simpson didn’t stop just at the helmet. With its recent acquisition of Safety Solutions, its new Hybrid Pro is the next generation in head restraints. It offers excellent protection combined with the security of a hybrid design. With its patent-pending triangulated tether design and patented seatbelt anchoring system, this is truly a multiple-angle, multiple-impact device that is undetectable in the seat system for unbelievable comfort. And it’s SFI-38.1–certified. This is the smallest carbon shape on the market, has a low top, and provides an easier exit from the vehicle.

The Hyrid Pro is easy to use and goes on like a backpack. It has a simple chest buckle and straps that hook to the seatbelts stabilizing the device in angular and side impacts. With it strapped to you, it works with you as opposed to against you.

Also new for 2011 is Simpson’s Hybrid Fire Suit, an SFI-5–rated, multi-layer fire resistant suit that is all new and will be available around the time you read this. It has contrasting premium V-Quilting and trim with dimension and style. The 360-degree arm gussets allow more freedom of movement of the arms. The suit comes with straight cuffs and the colors are black/white, yellow/black, blue/white, and red/white.

The Simpson Hybrid suit is a multi-layer standard suit that exhibits unmatched breathability in a lightweight and comfortable design and is constructed of Simpson’s newest Satin Fire Resistant fabric which exhibits a semi-shiny finish and a smooth even drape.

These are just a few of the many great safety products available to you this season. As I said earlier, please don’t forget to spend a few minutes thinking about all of the areas of safety connected with your racing. It’ll be better for all of us.

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