After about two minutes, the material is cured and can be removed from my ear, leaving no residue. At that point I get to chuck the Bite-Block into the trash can and the finishing process can begin.

Mark also manufactures a version of these ear plugs (PN MOS-R1) with a single transducer (mono) electronic packet with 24-inch mono cable. If you want to go for the radio version the only difference in the process is that prior to injecting the impression material into your ear, Mark will place the electronic packet in your ear. He also uses a different kind of material that is compatible with electronics, called Fit-Mold Premium. That material takes five minutes to cure and then it's finished, all in about an hour.

The product design allows under-helmet use for race applications and quite frankly works so well that you can hardly tell you've got them in there with your helmet on. Now the best part—these ear plugs provide noise reduction down to a decibel range of 27-32 dba. Considering that most race cars can produce noise well beyond 95 dba, ear plugs that bring the ambient noise down to the sub-30 dba level are priceless for saving your hearing.

These plugs retail for $185 and come with a 90-day warranty. At that price they're a can't miss addition to your safety equipment for this year's racing season.