The NoMo Co retails for $189 and comes with one particulate filter and two CO filters. Designed and manufactured by Cat-5 Racing Technologies, the NoMo Co removes 97-98 percent of carbon monoxide from your helmet ventilation system. It features a particulate filter at the beginning of the air inlet hose which prevents any pieces of rubber or dirt from entering your helmet through the air system. From there, the air travels through the hose to the CO filter where the carbon monoxide is removed. Finally, the clean air makes its way into your helmet. While you can use different blowers, the system works best with a brake blower-type helmet blower.

The CO filters will last approximately 6 hours and cost $35 to replace. The filters need to stay moist to be able to catch the carbon monoxide. Once they dry out, they're no longer able to provide clean air to the helmet. Mark Orlando, owner of Cat 5 Racing Technologies, suggests removing the CO filter when not in use, such as after practice and before the feature, and placing it in a Ziploc bag. This will help keep the filter moist and in top working order.

With everything we have to deal with getting the race car ready and to the track, sometimes things like comfort and staying well hydrated take a back seat. However, by keeping the driver more comfortable inside the race car, he or she is better equipped to focus on the task at hand-racing.

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