Sanctioning bodies in all types of racing are tightening up the rulebooks in order to better protect their drivers. Here's a sampling of some of the changes for 2004.

* All cars must be equipped with a Race Safe light system.

* Requires a second dash bar in the car's centersection.
*Added a required metal plate to be installed behind the driver seat to protect the driver's back and head.
* Hood tethers are now required.
* Refined the wording of its rules regarding seat mounting.
* A "sprint" head net is now required on the right side of the driver's head.
* Requires a collapsible steering shaft.
* Requires all cars to be equipped with Audible Alert system to warn drivers of wrecks or cautions on the track.

NASCAR's Regional Touring Series
* Appointed a field investigator for each series, whose only concern is safety. Will act as an information source for drivers as well as a safety inspector.
* An approved head-and-neck restraint system is now required for all drivers.
* Minimum age for driving is now 18 years.
* Anyone over pit wall during a race must wear a full firesuit and helmet.

Southern All-Stars
* Will concentrate this season on in-car fire systems. Will strongly suggest each car have, as a minimum system, a 5-pound Halon bottle (or other equivalent system) plumbed to nozzles aimed at the driver, fuel cell, and engine compartment.

* Anyone over pit wall during a race must wear a full firesuit and helmet.

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