In a five-day period, students of Southard's Racing School will have 24 working hours of chassis training, including about 10 hours on the track and one day in the chassis shop applying what they learned during the first three days. This day is spent entirely in the shop, going through a complete chassis set-up. Southard's Racing School feels that no matter how much is learned in the classroom or from books, none of it is worth anything unless you are able to apply this information to the actual race car. It believes this is the most critical of the classroom days as students apply all they have learned to make the car work better and ultimately go faster.

With this information, the goal is that a student will be capable of setting up anything from a four-bar sprinter to a Grand National stock car and everything in between. Southard's Racing School has found that many students are quite surprised at the things they can do even to a Hobby Stock to make it go faster and be more predictable.

Stock Car Racing Career Development
Location: Asheboro, N.C.
Cost: $5,995
Phone: 336/241-2255
Web site:

The Stock Car Racing Career Development training courses are designed to prepare students for a job with a touring division race team. Most graduating students who are interested in making a career of the sport are able to start their career with teams in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, NASCAR Busch Series, NASCAR Winston Cup Series or Hooters Pro Cup Series.

The SCR10 program is a packed course approximately 10 weeks long. Training is primarily hands-on, and is conducted in a real race team shop. This course includes fabrication, mechanics, chassis setup, guest speakers and much more. Students will also have the option of an at-track experience. In addition, students may elect to "try out" and train for "over-the-wall" pit stop duties. Upon graduation, students will be assisted with job placement.

Uti's Nascar elective
Location: Houston, Texas
Cost: Call for tuition information
Phone: 888/884-3678
Web site:

UTI's training is designed to get students where they want to be fast. Hands-on training and classroom experience allows students to focus on necessary technical skills, and there are no unrelated academic classes. UTI offers both day and evening class schedules, so you have the opportunity to work your way through school. UTI's fully trained financial aid staff will work closely with students to secure a financial package to cover their needs (for those who qualify).

UTI's exclusive six-week NASCAR elective is offered at the Houston, Texas campus. Course work covers principles of engine construction, electrical, fuel and lubrication systems, drivetrains and chassis constructions and modifications. Students also learn NASCAR rules, regulations and modifications.

Not only will students get a solid, hands-on NASCAR-enhanced technical education, they can be a part of a pool from which teams can potentially draw entry-level NASCAR technicians.

Five Off Five On
Location: Mooresville, N.C.
Cost: $1,780
Phone: 704/895-3501
Web site:

A well-rounded curriculum prepares students for a variety of situations and events encountered while preparing for a career as a Pit Team Athlete. Guest instructors share their expertise and provide essential "real-world" knowledge on such topics as Team Dynamics, Representing Your Sponsor, Media Communications, and Race-day Nutrition. Pit Team Athletes have access to a fully equipped strength and conditioning center in order to achieve and maintain peak performance. A staff strength coach works with individuals to design a program based on need and team position. The curriculum includes regular conditioning and workouts.