The innovative minds at Perry Racing Products are always looking for ways to save time for racers. They have developed a caster/camber gauge that offers simultaneous readings, which can save time in getting the right setup.

The caster/camber gauge is easy to use. Place the car on a flat, level surface. The wheels must be parallel, an important consideration in getting an accurate read on caster. Remove the dust cap. On W-5-type spindles, the hub nut locking washer screws will have to be removed. In the case of stock-type spindles, remove the hub nut and use the narrow nut provided. Thread the gauge onto the spindle until the key engages the keyway. You may have to rotate the gauge to find the keyway. Tighten the adapter nut and you're ready to start reading.

The caster/camber gauge is made from billet aluminum construction. Laser-engraved markings won't wear off. The gauge offers caster readings of up to 8 degrees in 11/42-degree increments. The camber gauge reads up to 6 degrees in 11/44-degree increments.

Perry Racing Products