Ford MacPherson Strut Street Stock
Q I am interested in getting back into racing. It seems like everywhere I go, all Street Stocks are Chevy. I want to be different so I would like to build a mid-'80s Thunderbird. How does someone make a front strut race car turn on a tight radius dirt track? I have seen a couple attempts, but none of them made their car work well. The camber is always wrong, and the strut does not allow enough adjustment, so the car pushes too much. Does Ford offer an upper/lower A-arm car similar to the Chevy? Is this the impossible conundrum?
Christopher C. Arnett
Via e-mail

A The strut systems (I assume you mean the MacPherson Struts) are very limited when it comes to performance. The camber change is not right and the roll center design is terrible.

What you might do to help the situation is similar to what Street Stock and road racing teams do-order aftermarket upper mounts for the strut. These mounts allow you to put much more camber into the front wheels and also to adjust caster settings. There is some cutting required on the fender around the mount, but not enough to cause structural problems.

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