Throwback Dirt Racing

My name is Wayland Childs, owner of WRC Fabrication, in Chelsea Vermont. I would like to bring it to your attention that CV Elms (owner of Bear Ridge Speedway) has recently gotten his Sportsman Coupe division Dirtcar sanctioned. These cars resemble the Modifies or coupes of the past on the outside. However, most began life as a modern dirt Modified. They reclip the rear to accept a leaf spring rear suspension along with some other changes.

This is a very popular division and unique to Bear Ridge, and is now getting the attention of names as big as Dirtcar. We at WRC built the first car to win under the Dirtcar banner and over the winter began producing our own chassis from the ground up that is specifically designed for this division. Many people in our region do not realize that this great division has become Dirtcar sanctioned, nor does the rest of the country.

If you have any interest on doing an article regarding the last dirt track in Vermont and this unique class of cars, I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your time,

Wayland Childs

We want to know more! Folks, keep an eye in the next issue for more about this intriguing series.

Facebook Faithful

Hello, I’m one of your loyal Facebook fans, and I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say that I enjoy all of the great posts and pictures you guys put up there.

Kelly Anderson

Thanks Kelly. We love using Facebook to interact with our readers and racers from all over. You can always find us by searching Circle Track Magazine on there.


Hey guys, how about our kids at NCQMA (North Carolina Quarter Midget Association)? They run on a circle track! Consider this a invite to come check out what our kids can do in these Quarter Midgets. June 19-21 is our national race in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Ed Kenney

Thanks for the invite. You are correct—those QMA run in circles just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, we won’t make the race this year, but the next time we’re in N.C. we’ll swing by.


I heard a rumor the other day that you guys were going to build a modified as your next project car. Yes or no?

Jeff Changler


Lost Articles

What is the easiest way to get a reprint of an article? I always reference Bob Bolles’ moment center measurement articles and kept a copy in my shop. But my wife cleaned it recently and the copy got thrown out. Any suggestions?

Simon Felder

We suggest visiting and searching “moment center” in the Search Circle Track box in the upper right corner. You will get a variety of relevant articles, including “How to Measure for Moment Center” from the Aug. ’12 issue.

Y’all Come Down to Texas!

Hey Circle Track, I really think y’all should come check out Route 66 Motor Speedway in Amarillo. It is an awesome track to race on and it is very fast.

Ashley Cruz

Thanks for the invite, Ashley! We get a lot of requests to come out to different race tracks all across the country and we do our best to keep track of all of them. We did manage to visit over 100 tracks over the past four years thanks in large measure to the Great American Circle Track Tour. And in 2015 we’ll be out and about again with plans to visit at least 15 different tracks. So who knows Route 66 might be one of them. And why not? With clay covering 3/8 of a mile and 75-foot-wide turns that bank 20 degrees, we bet that is a fast and exciting race track.

Many Thanks!

I love that you guys are running a column on women in racing. Far too often the ladies behind the wheel don’t get the recognition they deserve. Sure, oval track racing is known as a man’s sport, but when the helmets go on it should be all about the driver’s ability. I mean, look at all the grief people give Danica just because (in my opinion) she is a girl. She’s a darn good driver. Tony would not have hired her if she wasn’t. Anyway I’m getting off topic. Thanks for putting “The Other Side” in the magazine. And I also think it’s really cool that you’ve got a woman writing the column. Girl power!

Sarah Greyson

Love the enthusiasm! We happen to agree with you when the helmet goes own it should be about skill only, not gender.