Don't Drop Your Nuts

The days of dropping your nuts are over--the nuts from your quick-change rearend cover that is. All-Star Performance's new billet aluminum Rapid Install Quick Change Gear Covers keep the nuts attached to the cover, so dropping them in the dirt or losing them is a thing of the past. CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, these covers will speed up your gear changes because the nuts are retained on the cover. All-Star offers covers for Frankland and Winters rearends with both the standard and large bearing, as well as the DMI Bulldog rearend. For more info visit, or call 800/772-2618.

Easy Off, Easy On

Pro-Werks recently introduced a new improvement for performance enthusiasts and racers using fuel cells--the Pro-Werks 12 Bolt Turn Fill Assembly. This bolt-on assembly features an extra large 35/8-inch opening for fast and easy filling. Fuel cell users can now upgrade their cells from troublesome flip-style or bail handle-style filler caps to the popular Easy Turn Fill Cap assembly. The positive grip finger notches, quick starting coarse threads, and radial squeeze O-ring are becoming more popular for its ease of operation. Made in the USA, the Easy Turn Fill Assembly is precision machined from lightweight billet aluminum, and is available in a large selection of Pro-Werks Brilliance Anodize Finish colors or Micro-polished aluminum. An optional lanyard chain is also available to keep the fuel cap close while filling. For more information visit, or call 231/873-9252.

When Push Comes To Shove

Trend Performance has introduced what it believes to be the world's first self-lubricating 5/16-inch hard-tip competition pushrods. While its lower ends (those that engage the lifter seats) remain unaltered, its upper ends now feature self-lubricating tool-steel tips hardened to 60Rc. Both upper and lower 5/16-inch diameter ball ends are formed with a 210-degree radius at the end of a 15/8-inch taper to provide proper operating clearance around the rockers as well as in the lifters and lifter bores. Engineered to overcome degradation troubles on the upper ball of high-revving, high-powered engines, these new hard-tip pushrods are now available in the following diameters: 7/16-, 1/2-, and 9/16-inch. Prepared in a satin finish over a precision center-less ground surface and laser-etched to the customers' request, Trend's hard-tip pushrods are available in any length--usually 6.000 to 13.000 inches. For more info, visit, or call 856/447-0400.

You'll Get Your Turn

Intercomp, manufacturer of the industry's first digital turn plate, introduces a new and improved version. These ultra-low deflection turn plates don't impair caster or camber while using multiple direction X and Y movement with a smoother roller ball bearing design and 0.1-degree graduations to offer unbeatable accuracy and the ultimate setup. These turn plates have a range of ±30 degrees (60 degrees total) and have a 2,000-pound capacity. The digital display features large, easy-to-read electronic numbers, and is backlit for low-light conditions. Lightweight aluminum construction makes these plates ideal for use on the road--they weigh just 19 pounds each. Intercomp's Digital Turn Plates can be placed on top of scale pads to save valuable setup time and the optional rear wheel spacers ensure proper weight distribution is maintained by keeping the rear level with the front plates. Intercomp's Digital Turn Plates operate on a standard 9-volt battery, which provides up to 300 hours of continued use. For more information, contact Intercomp at 800/328-3336 or visit

Going For The Gold

Fluidampr recently released its CT Gold line of dampers, which are specifically designed for dirt and asphalt circle track applications. The CT Gold dampers use Fluidampr's new centering technology design, which is specifically made for race engines to improve the control of torsional vibrations above 6,000 rpm. This new design is said to be far superior to any elastomeric damper, and will allow the rotating assembly to be balanced with the Fluidampr installed on the crankshaft. Fluidampr's new patent-pending technology allows the inertia ring to remain centered in the housing cavity when the damper is at rest. Fluidampr's CT Gold damper is available for both small-block and big-block Chevy engines, with an internally and externally balanced option for big-blocks. For more info, visit, or call 716/592-1000.

Lube It Up

As a racer, you put a lot of time and effort into doing what you love. Your engine is the heart of what becomes your fastest lap, a successful pull, or your lowest e.t. of the year. With your engine playing such a critical role in your success, what do you really know about the oil you use? Briggs & Stratton 4T Full Synthetic Racing Oil engineered by AMSOIL is what you need to complete the performance puzzle. "Oil is the life blood of our engines," stated David Klaus, Director of Briggs & Stratton Racing. "Where we can engineer an engine for the rigors of racing, hand build it to ensure the highest quality on the market today, we cannot control the choice of oil you use. Many of today's industry standards come with significant compromises that most racers are simply unaware of until it's too late." Briggs & Stratton 4T Full Synthetic Racing Oil is designed to give you the performance benefits of a thin, lightweight racing oil, while giving you the protection of a heavy oil, all with the benefits of rust, corrosion, and wear inhibitors, and even fewer oil changes. It's also designed for use with racing fuels, and high temperatures seen on racetracks. For more info, check out Briggs & Stratton Racing at