Name: Eddie Gibbs

Division: Hobby Stock

Track: Huntsville Speedway


Hometown: Toney, AL

Eddie Gibbs enjoys racing. He started his career at the age of 39 andgot off to a rough start, blowing the engine in his first race. It tookfour months to put together enough funding to try it again. Having nospare parts and no spare engine, Eddie ventured forward. It didn't getmuch better. The car got loose during practice, spun out and hit thewall, which bent the frame. That meant another period of forced layoff.Two weeks after this, he was back on track, only to get hit by anothercar and suffer a bent rear end. The '03 season was composed of 8 races,4 wrecks and nearly winning until spinning out. The '04 season was muchbetter with Eddie winning the fourth race of the year. He started on thepole and led every lap, despite three cautions in the 15-lap main. Hewent on to finish Sixth in the season's point standings.

Name: Chris Stockton

Division: Cyclone

Track: Hialeah Speedway


Hometown: Hollywood, FL

Chris Stockton joined the ranks of Cyclone winners at Hialeah Speedwaywith his first victory in March 2004. The night also saw Chris winninghis heat race. In 2003, Chris came in Seventh in the division pointstandings. His dad and crewchief, Wayne, have worked diligently on the'88 Chevy Caprice to bring about victory. While Chris continued hisracing at Hialeah, he also hit the road with the Fastruck Pro series,spotting for driver George Morales and Team Cheetah Racing.

Name: Michael McClure

Division: Pure Stock

Track: Placerville Speedway


Hometown: Nevada City, CA

The '04 season was Michael McClure's second full year of racing. Heraced Quarter Midgets for one year when he was seven years old, buthadn't touched the track until the middle of 2002 when he turned 16.Michael and his dad, Burney, built a '74 Nova and they took turns racingthe car. In 2003, Michael raced the whole season, barely missing a bigmain event win. In 2004, Burney and Michael each had their own PureStock car with Michael keeping the '74 and Burney building a '63 Nova.Michael celebrated his first main event win on April 24, leading startto finish. The best race happened on September 3. Michael and his dadeach won their heat races and started on the front row of the main.Michael won with Burney right behind him in Second. Burney had alsonotched two main wins earlier in the year, and his racing will cease toallow him to help his daughter get involved. Look for another McClure in"First Wins" soon.

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Name: Chris Sizemore

Division: Super Bomber

Track: Dixie Speedway


Hometown: Canton, GA

Chris Sizemore had been waiting a long time for his first Dixie Speedwayvictory. He led all 15 laps on August 14, 2004 to claim that honor inthe Super Bomber class at Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, Georgia. He heldon through three caution flags and didn't face a serious challenge therest of the way. "This feels really good," he said of the win. "Myfamily and I have been working really hard to get here the last sevenyears. Racing can put a lot of strain on a lot of people, and I got alot of help along the way. I couldn't have done it by myself." To makematters even sweeter, his whole family was there that night to see thewin. Chris finished Third in the '04 Dixie point standings.

Name: Joey Thomas

Division: Late Model Sportsman

Track: South Mississippi Speedway


Hometown: Ocean Springs, MS

With his first full season in racing, Joey Thomas put together anexcellent year. Although he's been around racing his entire life, itwasn't until the end of the '03 season that he decided to hop into thedriver's seat to see what it was all about. Working during theoff-season to get a car ready for 2004, Thomas wasted little time inbeing a threat to win. He set a goal to run for the points championshipwhile taking each race one at a time. He scored numerous heat race wins,six main events, and totaled 17 Top-Five finishes. The attempt broughtthe desired goal, as Thomas claimed the 2004 South Mississippi Speedwaycrown. The '05 season will be an effort in the Late Model ranks, whichmeans travel throughout the Southeast. He's looking for the opportunityto add more wins to a fast growing collection of checkered flags.