Starting third in the 100-lapper, within less than 30 laps he had taken the lead and held it for another 60 or so laps. The car was set up a bit tight the whole way and one driver caught and got around Ken, but he and this other car cruised away from the field and he finished Second. For me, it was fun to again be involved in working with a car after being on the road for so long and being relegated to only watching racers race.

The Midget races were very interesting too. It was evident that the cars that took care of the tires moved to the front and dominated. Interestingly, the car that ultimately won and was considerably faster than the field was sponsored by Hoosier as evidenced by the huge Hoosier painted on the side of the car.

We came away from Seekonk feeling like short track racing was indeed alive and well, at least in this part of the country. There were a lot of teams who participated, many, many fans who came out for three days of racing and none were disappointed.


These last two weekends concluded our 2011 AMSOIL Great American CT Tour of the Northeastern portion of the country. I basically saw what I expected having heard all of the tales of the huge following that comes with racing in this region. And at the same time I was energized by all of that because until you are there and living it, you just don't get the feel of it.

The country was beautiful, the people were the best we've met so far on our U.S. Tour, both locally and at the tracks, and the history moved us. We took time to visit the countryside including great parts of every state we moved through and lived in.

From the cornfields of Ohio through the coal fields of Pennsylvania, into the Adirondack Mountains and up along the Saint Lawrence Seaway we traveled. Across the northern boundary of New York next to Canada to Vermont and into northern New Hampshire and atop Mount Washington we continued to explore.

We based our camp at several spots in Maine and took in the Acadia National Park choosing to camp on the "quiet side" of Mount Desert Island, on the opposite side of Bar Harbor and away from all of the tourists.

We put down our bus levelers at a great KOA campground just outside Mystic, Connecticut, as a base of operations when we visited in and around that area and up to Cape Cod. And through all of that, we still were not tired of this trip. That says volumes about where we had been and who we had met.

And so, now that we've had a chance to rest up through the winter, we're looking forward to our third phase of the U.S. Tour. We will be traveling to the upper Midwest, leaving in the third week of June this year. We start our journey in Michigan and move across the northern states through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and into Montana.

We'll then move south into Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and across the wheat belt through Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa completing what I kiddingly and unofficially call the 2012 End of the World Tour. If all that has been speculated about the world coming to an end this year comes to fruition (which I seriously doubt), we hope to be at Yellowstone National Park when that caldera blows. I for one don't wish to be among the survivors in that scenario.

Anyway, we've had a blast so far and met lots of great racers, learned volumes about short track racing in America. Hopefully, we have contributed to your knowledge of the sport to the end that our reports have provided some valuable information that can be used to promote our sport and make it better. I think we have met those obligations and will continue this journey to the final chapter along the West Coast next year.

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