The interest in the vintage racing was huge and drew more than 20 cars. The feature race for these guys started out mild and ended up wild. The overall winner of the combined class race of vintage cars stood out. As he completed the last few laps, coming on hard from third place to the lead, I could see blue flames coming from the downturned exhaust under the car. For those who've seen this before like I have, it indicates the use of nitrous oxide. How ingenious. Is that old-school or what?

How do I know about that? Way back at Speedweeks at New Smyrna in 1980, Gary Ballough was caught by the tech officials, after winning the fourth night, with nitrous in his fire extinguisher bottle. This was after also winning the first three races in the series. I was there and saw the telltale blue flames just before he was nabbed. Race fuel does not burn blue.

The vintage racing was great to see from several different perspectives. First off, I like to see old race cars that have been restored and are in racing condition. It's also nice to see them race. I'm sure that brings back fond memories to the older racers and fans.

This could be one more avenue for increasing racing interest for the future. Tracks could create vintage classes and encourage hot rodders to restore older race cars and have a chance to race them. Hot rodding is a fast growing hobby in the U.S. right now and I can think of nothing better than restoring old race cars.

This first trip to Maine was wonderful and I could see the difference in the people and mannerisms between the coasties and the inland Mainers. It's a lot like it's in Florida where I have lived since 1952. The "upscale" inhabitants and transplants from up north mostly live along the coastal areas and the Crackers live inland. I, myself, always connected with the Crackers and have enjoyed the backwoods of Florida more so than the beaches. So I was quite at home in rural Maine.

Next up for the 2011 Tour is a trip to another Maine track--Beech Ridge Motor Speedway--and a break in the action for a trip to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park along the upper coast of Maine. Then we travel south to Connecticut and Massachusetts where we take in a good sampling of New England modified racing as well as the food. There's a lot more to tell about, so stay tuned.

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