NASCAR Regional Touring Series Implements Simplified Points System

Daytona Beach, FL

Last year NASCAR reworked the point system for its Sprint Cup Series, and based on one of the best championship finishes in recent history after Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards took the Chase right down to the wire, it was a success. So, the sanctioning body is making similar changes for its regional touring series for 2012.

NASCAR says the point system has been simplified to make it easier for both fans and competitors to understand. And simple, when it comes to math, is almost always better.

Beginning with the 2012 season, the new points system will be implemented in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series (both East and West), the Whelen Modified Tour, the Whelen Southern Modified Tour, the Canadian Tire Series, and the Mexico Series.

We're told the points will now be awarded in one-point increments. So if there is a full field, last place gets one point and the winner is given 43 points. The winner is also given three bonus points for the win for a total of 46 points. Extra points are also given for leading a lap and leading the most laps. So the winning driver could get as many as 48 points.

Hopefully, this will lead to more close finishes and better championship races in all the series going to the new system.

ASA Track Makes a Difference

Lake Havasu City, AZ

We know that by the time you read this Christmas will be long gone, but we are always happy to see members of the racing community doing good for others so we thought we'd pass this one along.

Bill Rozhon owns Havasu 95 Speedway near Lake Havasu City, Arizona, which opened in 2006. Since the track first opened, Rozhon and the track have always donated to the Toys for Tots program that works to bring toys to underprivileged children every Christmas. Rozhon not only asks his racers and fans in the stands to help with the cause; he also cuts into the track's potential profits by donating a portion of every ticket sold. And we're not talking about just the last month of the season—apparently, Rozhon does this all year long. Now that's commitment!

This year Havasu 95 Speedway donated its biggest haul yet. Thanks to several big donations from race teams along with the money it raised, the track was able to purchase and donate 111 brand-new bicycles to Toys for Tots where they surely created lots of big smiles on children's faces last Christmas morning. Good for you Havasu 95 and everyone else involved in this great project!

FST's New Fuel Filter Gains NASCAR Nod

Osteen, FL

NASCAR has approved FST Performance's new RPM700 fuel filter as another option for racers in the Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Series, and this new filtration system should be available to other classes soon as well.

The RPM700 is a high-flow/low restriction system that can be used in either carbureted or fuel injected applications. Even with the high pressure and flow requirements of fuel injection, the filter is able to keep up with demand as high as 350 gallons per hour while screening for particulates as small as four microns. The filter also works as a water separator in case your racetrack has gotten any moisture in its fuel storage tanks, and the filter itself is a screw-on cartridge type that is easily replaceable. Finally, FST's filters are all completely made in the USA, and we're all for that.