No Bad Needles

Crower's new Endura Max roller lifters eliminate any chance of a needle bearing failure ruining your night and slapping you with an expensive engine rebuild. And Crower can guarantee it because it has done away with the needle bearings completely. The Endura Max lifters feature a bushed roller that utilizes high pressure pin oiling to reduce friction between the roller and the bushing. Crower says the bushed lifter allows greater load handling for aggressive camshaft profiles and are fully rebuildable. In fact, Crower can convert many of your existing roller bearings to this new bushed style to help upgrade your engine program without spending too much money.

Only What You Need

Everybody is different, and that includes racing programs. What suits one racer or team might not work for another. Longacre understands that and is now offering a modular system for its scale pad leveling fixtures. The system starts with individual billet aluminum levelers that are CNC machined to extreme accuracy for holding your scale pads. Then you can purchase roll-offs in either 18- or 30-inch lengths, a slider for the left front to eliminate chassis bind, spanners, ramps, and everything else you may want as you need it. It's a great way to get everything you need to properly set up your car without wasting any money on stuff you won't use.

Upgraded Throw Out Bearing

Tilton's 6000 Series hydraulic throw out bearing should be a godsend to Street Stock racers. The throwout bearing works off an OEM retainer and should be an easy install on most drivelines as it features a press-in, threaded collar. You then thread on the throw out bearing to the proper depth and finish your clutch and bellhousing install. The 6000 Series also uses no banjo fittings which should result in a better, leak-free seal.

Clean it Up

Accel's Directed HEI Cap will not only make your race engine look better, but it can also make working on your race engine a little easier. If you run an HEI ignition, this cap directs each plug wire exactly where it needs to go on a Chevy small-block. This will significantly clean up the plug wire routing, reducing the chances of running your plug wires to the wrong location and also cleaning up that nest of wires you work so hard to make sure stay off your headers.

Raised Intake Power

Brodix's new raised oval intake cylinder head is aimed at producing ultimate power for a 23 degree small-block Chevy head. These CNC-ported castings utilize an oval intake port raised 0.400-inch to straighten up the path for the air/fuel charge. They are outfitted with 2.150/1.570 valves, and the seats are cut at 52 degrees for the intakes and 55 for the exhausts. The intake port can be sized at either 225 or 234 cc's and flows as much as 345 cfm.

The Ultimate Valve Cover Gasket

Cometic continues to produce some of the best gaskets available for racers and engine builders. Its new valve cover gasket has a steel understructure so that it won't warp if over-tightened, and the viton covering seals well and holds up even after the valve covers have been removed and reinstalled numerous times. No more annoying oil leaking onto your headers!

Ready to Go Nose

Dominator's new nose for Modified race cars will not only save your fabrication time, but it also looks great. This new nose should be an aerodynamic improvement over a standard sheet metal nose and is available in seven different colors to fit your color scheme. It breaks down into three pieces, so it can also be shipped economically via UPS. And in case you're wondering, the new nose is already approved by the UMP and more sanctioning bodies should be adding their approvals soon.