Safe Seating

ISP's new Sprint Seat is the first racing seat we know of that has passed the newest SFI 39.2 specifications. The seat is designed to be affordable to hobby-level racers but still provide the same protection level as much more expensive seats. Chrome-moly steel strips help reinforce the joints between the double-layer seatback and the head and shoulder restraints. The cover is CarbonX for excellent flame retardancy, and--in a very thoughtful touch--all the pads are held in place by Velcro for easy removal when you wash your race car.

Quick Change Cover for Your Quick Change Rear

Normally, all gear changes seem to be made at the last minute. And that hurry is also why it seems like one or two of the cover nuts will without fail get away from you and drop into the container of gear oil as you are working hurriedly underneath the car. Allstar Performance has the solution for that problem with their new Quick Change Gear Cover. This design captures the nuts so that they spin freely but can't fully separate from the gear cover. That means you can even zip 'em off with an electric impact (notice we said "off," not "on") without fear of slinging one across the pits. The gear cover is cut from 6061-T6 aluminum and fits both Frankland and Winters quick change rearends.

Do It Yourself Pull Down Rig

DRP Performance's Portable Dynamic Scaling System is an affordable pull-down rig designed for racers and chassis builders. This system allows the user to simulate car attitude at any given point on the track and measure wheel weights, shock travel ,and wheel location measurements such as dynamic camber, toe-in, and more. DRP's system allows 6 inches of movement in either push or pull simply by flipping a few toggle switches. Integrated dual load cells for each wheel measure wheel weights on a Longacre control panel. DRP says that this system can be used for both static and dynamic setups.

Keep Your Center

Fluidampr has upgraded its iconic damper technology with what it's calling its "CT Gold" technology. This new damper is easily recognizable thanks to its gold finish, but that's not all that's different. It uses a new method to keep the damper centered even when the engine isn't cranked. This means there is less crankshaft vibration and bearing wear in those first few seconds when an engine is cranked until the oil pressure comes up. The CT Gold damper is also said to improve control over torsional vibrations above 6,000 rpm. And if you are running an externally balanced engine, this new design can be balanced with the damper installed on the crankshaft.

Don't Fall Down

In many cases, racing is a copycat industry. But Pro Shocks definitely did some outside the box thinking for this one. One of the keys in Dirt Late Model racing is to keep the car's weight over the right rear tire through the turns. But if the driver has to let off the throttle mid-turn the left-rear corner will fall flat and kill the car's momentum. The Pro Z Bar is designed to eliminate that problem. it's essentially a sway bar mounted at the rear of the car so that it crosses the axle tube. Where a traditional sway bar will pull the inside tire up when the car rolls over in a turn, the Pro Z Bar does the opposite. So when the dirt car rolls over on the right rear tire, the bar actually pushes the left rear down. Now if the driver has to let off the throttle because of another car, the Pro Z Bar will help hold the left rear corner of the car up until he or she can get back on the gas.