Creature Comforts for Crew Chiefs

Here's another product still in the development stages that we were able to get an early look at and pass along a few details to you. Racing Radios has a new radio headset with a top strap that many people will find more comfortable than the older style with the clamping spring running across the back of the head. It should also be lighter weight than most radio headsets currently on the market. This is a prototype only and Racing Radios hasn't even given it a name yet, but you can look for it to appear early in 2012.

More Power for Fords

Dart's Iron Eagle lineup of cylinder heads is an excellent resource for economical iron heads that perform way beyond their price and are legal in many different racing classes requiring stock-type cast iron heads. A new Ford head from Dart ups the ante a bit by keeping the tried-and-true Iron Eagle Windsor head design but with larger 200cc intake ports. These heads should flow significantly better than the old-style 180cc heads and also feature a dual bolt pattern for more exhaust header options.

Carbon-Fiber Protection

Everybody wants good protection, but for many racers heavy helmets can literally be a pain in the neck. Carbon fiber used to be a material used only by the teams racing on Sunday afternoon and assorted rich guys, but now smart companies are finding ways to make it affordable to the rest of us, and G Force is one of ‘em. Its new carbon-fiber helmet didn't yet have an official name as we went to press, but you should expect to see it available for less than $400. It's as lightweight as it looks, and its Snell 2010 certification proves that it also provides the protection you expect.

A Press with Options

During a fabrication project you may have multiple uses for a good hydraulic press. But setting up fixtures takes time, and every time you have to switch out can cost you productivity. Trick Tool's new 20-ton hydraulic press features a rolling head so that you can set up two or more press fixtures for multiple uses at once. Time is money, and here's a great way to save some of it.

Sprint Car Rockers

Jesel keeps moving the technology and lessons learned from working with top-level NASCAR Cup and drag racing teams down to make it useful to the guys racing on Saturday nights. One of its newest designs is the J2S Steel Series shaft mount rocker arms for Brodix and All Pro cylinder heads. These heads are popular with Sprint Car racing engine builders, and these new steel rocker are both exceptionally rigid for precise valve movements while also being quite light.

Better Braking

Wilwood's Spec 37 rotors use a new proprietary iron alloy developed to hold up to extremely high braking temps without warping or cracking. Wilwood says the Spec 37 alloy was developed originally as a military spec rotor for extreme duty vehicles, but it also works well in racing. Every Spec 37 rotor is machined to a tolerance of less than 0.001-inch when checking for runout. These new rotors are available for a variety of different applications.

Easy Cuts

Lincoln Electric's Tomahawk 625 plasma cutter is designed to be a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of tool. It's small enough to go to the track with you but can also be used daily in the shop. A purge control on the front panel allows you to set the airflow rate before striking an arc against the metal you plan to cut. Plus, there's a feature called Rapid Arc Restrike--which is a fancy way of saying that this unit doesn't flame out when you hit gaps or holes in the metal you are cutting.